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Gone are the days when travelers had a limited choice of hotels to spend the night, with an ever-growing range of serviced apartments and unique home rentals now available. Altovita has taken the hard work out of finding the cream of the crop, appealing to corporate travelers and medical tourists seeking long-term or monthly stays in premium and safe locations.


Partnering with Altovita means leveraging on our network of exceptional hosts and premium quality homes while getting tailored recommendations from our expanding collection. Whether you’ve got clients looking for a short stay apartment in London, a six-month rental in Prague or a family apartment in Dublin, our inspiring collection offers all the modern amenities travelers have come to expect with a few additional business perks.


Browse our virtual guide of Alto Spots to access local insights and delve into the heart of what makes each of our destinations so special as a long-stay or corporate travel destination. Discover the best places to grab a coffee, little-known restaurants and independent stores where your clients can truly live like a local.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate relocation, are working as a medical tourism agent or planning a co-working getaway, you can find luxurious properties throughout Europe to suit your needs. We identify not only what makes a property exceptional but also any potential drawbacks, ensuring you and your clients aren’t left with any unexpected surprises.


By becoming an Alto partner, you’ll earn commissions on all affiliate bookings, with the hard work of finding the best apartments and rentals done for you. Simply include an affiliate link to help direct clients to our site and you’ll earn a commission for each and every booking. Make your clients’ career transition or work assignment easy by offering instant access to a professionally vetted selection of fully furnished apartments and home rentals for them to select from.


Need another reason to partner with Altovita? All of our hosts have been validated and our properties verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of comfort and convenience.


We love being inspired and discovering fresh perspectives on how to connect our collection with the world. So why not take advantage of our team’s experience and their meticulous work in sourcing high-quality luxury apartments and let Altovita become your dedicated commission-sharing partner.

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