5 Money Saving Travel Tips without Sacrificing Luxury

As we move away from the peak summer period the price of flights and vacation rentals is already starting to drop, so travellers can afford to spend more time in their chosen destination, or stay for the same period but for less. The price of day trips and other travel expenses also falls, so you can enjoy a hassle-free stay filled with activities without breaking the bank. But aside from travelling outside the peak summer months, what are our other top tips to save you money on your travels without sacrificing luxury..?


Book Your Flight 54 Days in Advance


Money saving travel tips: Flights

The website CheapFlights.com carried out some extensive research that looked at 1.3 billion airfares (that’s pretty thorough!) and found that in terms of price, 54 days in advance was the optimum time to book a flight. The variation was pretty small, with some flights at their cheapest when booked 50 or 60 days in advance, but for a lot of the flights, 54 days before was the best time to buy. Bear that in mind when booking your next break.


Always Clear Your Cookies When Booking Online


Every time you visit a website and look at accommodation or flights for a particular location or dates, cookies are left on your computer. They contain information about your visit and tell the website what you’ve been looking at. As the site registers higher demand from your particular location, it may try to take advantage of the extra demand by increasing prices, which means you could end up paying more. To avoid paying more, always delete your cookies before browsing or do your research with private browsing mode on.


Pretend You’re in a Different Country


If you’re comfortable online, then this simple tip could lead to big savings. The reality is that the point of sale of an airline ticket can have a marked impact on its price. For example, a domestic Italian flight could well cost less if it’s booked in Rome rather than in London.


Money Saving Travel Tips: Online booking with a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can be used to make it seem like you are browsing from another country and it’s actually very simple to set up. Alternatively, you may also be able to change your ‘point of sale’ by altering the settings on the airline’s website. Of course, you will have other currencies and languages to contend with when booking your flight, but currency converters and Google Translate can help with that.


Try Set Menus and Lunch Deals


Money Saving Travel Tips: Set menus for lunch and dinner

If you have your heart set on a certain restaurant but the presence of a Michelin star or its excellent reputation makes it particularly expensive for dinner, try going for a set menu or visiting for a lower cost lunch. That gives you the chance to enjoy the excellent cuisine and even some cocktails and champagne but with a much more appetising price tag.


Live Like a Local


Money Saving Travel Tips: Live like a local

For significant savings and much more square footage for your money, consider staying in apartments that are privately owned but have been personally verified so you know they’re up to scratch. You can find luxury apartments right in the city centre that not only cost far less than equivalently priced hotel rooms, but also provide more space and have all the trappings of a home.


Affordable Luxury for Less


London Apartment available for rent, Altovita

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