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AltoVita's Spotlight Series: 5 minutes with Christina Blondheim

The Spotlight Series is back and we are excited to bring you new regular features which highlight AltoVita’s fantastic talent as we continue expanding our global footprint. In our latest Q&A we connected with Christina, who recently joined the company in January as our Director of Client Partnerships, Americas. 

Continue reading as we get to know Christina and what inspired her to join our team.

Welcome to the team! How have you found the first few months and how did you originally discover AltoVita?

It’s been amazing, I’ve really enjoyed working with the Partnership team and developing our brand presence out here in the Americas. I was originally connected with Karolina and Vivi through Ben Cross, who I have been friends with for some years. We stayed in touch through social media and I had the pleasure of joining AltoVita in January, which was a great way to start the year!

What do you love the most about remote working?

Flexibility and travel. I’ve actually always worked remotely for the past 9 years, so way before the global pandemic.  I have a massive passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures, having visited over 42 countries around the world to date on average, so being able to work from anywhere and still deliver daily tasks has been a natural part of my career so getting to continue this with AltoVita was a massive benefit. 

You recently attended the BAMM Event… What was your favorite memory from this trip and what future upcoming event(s) are you most looking forward to this year?

BAMM was packed! I joined the BAMM BOD as sponsorship chair in late 2022 – It was awesome to see such a large event come together from start to finish. Our event included an estimated 400+ attendees, an estimated 130+ corporates, and 46 sponsors (11 new to BAMM). 

I enjoyed the speed networking as it gave me a seat at the table with new BAMM members that I likely would not have had the opportunity to meet. It’s always nice to see new faces and of course reconnect with your mobility family. 

I am, however, ready to venture outside of my mobility comfort zone and attend some new conferences later this year. For example, I have the Forum Expatriate Management (FEM), ProcureCon Travel, Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) on my radar. So really looking forward to learning more about the travel space and connecting with new like minded individuals in 2023!

What has been a particularly memorable learning experience for you so far?

Understanding the importance of sustainability. Hearing Karolina’s RMC pitch and passion for our ESG initiatives really was a game changer for me. I’ve never heard someone truly talk about sustainability in such a passionate and educational way, whilst also having the capabilities of turning this knowledge into tangible results for our clients. Through the power of our technology we really are able to go above and beyond, offering top-line results for our client’s goals so they can filter through their objectives with our software. 

What is an interesting fact about you and / or the Americas which our audience may be surprised to know?

Traveling and meeting new people have always been my passion. Last year alone I attended around 26 conferences and I’m often on the move 3 times a week. Balancing time zones is always a challenge but strategic schedule management helps you stay on top of busy schedules! It’s one of the reasons I love being based in Houston, as you can pretty much get anywhere in 4 hours as it’s so centrally located. When I’m not on an airplane however, I’m often hiking or enjoying quiet moments at home. 

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