Designing Kitchen for Short Term Rentals


No matter which platform you’re hosting your short-term rental on, you’ve probably noticed two different types of kitchen interactions when it comes to guests. There are those who use it as merely a place to toss their leftovers after dining out each night while others will give it a good workout as they prepare their own meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


A fully-equipped kitchen is essential if you want to become a preferred host, particularly if you’re looking to secure lucrative bookings from business travellers and quality clients looking for extended stays. It’s these types of low-maintenance travellers who seek out kitchens with a functional design and modern amenities, which are now an expected feature in serviced apartments and high-end holiday rentals.


So how can you equip your kitchen to meet (or exceed) guests’ expectations and attract those medium stay corporate bookings?



Modern amenities are a “must”, particularly when it comes to ovens, fridges and freezers, as well as microwaves for preparing fast meals. It’s also essential that you equip your kitchen with all of the utensils that a guest might need, as the absence of just one will make a big difference to their stay if it’s something they go looking for (note: a bottle opener shouldn’t be amiss).

Sharp knives are one of the most often overlooked utensils in short-term rental kitchens and their absence will stand out like a sore thumb when it comes time to prepare meals. Make sure you have pots and pans to suit a variety of cooking needs, as well as things like oven mitts, trivets and measuring cups.


A coffee maker can also make a big difference to the impact your kitchen has on a guest, as it’s probably the first thing they’ll go looking for when they wake up in your home. Whether it’s an espresso or capsule machine, French press or Italian stove-top coffee maker, make sure it’s clearly visible, with beans ground and ready to go or enough capsules to keep your guests going until the weekly cleaning. In addition to a welcome pack featuring coffee and tea, consider providing bottled water for your guests and maybe even a bottle of wine and some fresh fruit to help them settle in.


For many people working away from home, the kitchen and living space is where they’ll be at the laptop, so carefully consider the overall design of your kitchen and whether it’s work-friendly for business travelers. Also, don’t overlook the importance of having a high-speed Wi-Fi connection here!


While you might get away with not having a few utensils or kitchen appliances, you won’t escape the bad reviews if your kitchen is not sparkling clean. This means inside the fridge and oven, above the stove top and in all those little cracks and crevices that you might breeze over in your own home. Make sure you also provide cleaning products so your guests can keep the kitchen spick and span throughout the week and maintain their preferred level of cleanliness.


If you’re after more design tips for your short-term rental kitchen, check out  the inspiring airbnbdesigners.

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