Finding a Pet-Friendly Home


For some people, travelling with their dog or cat is a necessity, with a recent survey revealing that more than 50% of people want to travel with their pets. But the good news is that the pet-friendly travel industry is growing, with more and more places catering to those who want to explore the world with their four-legged friends.

It’s still a challenging area to navigate and finding accommodation (particularly long-term options) that accept pets is not always straight forward. So how can you overcome the challenges of travelling with pets and find dog-friendly and cat-friendly accommodation or temporary living spaces that suit their needs?


Challenges of travelling with pets


One of the main challenges of travelling with pets is the rules associated with air travel, with each airline having their own regulations and pricing when it comes to how pets can fly. Some will only allow them in the cabin if they’re under a certain weight while others will only permit them to travel as cargo…or not at all. Certain airlines may also have requirements about how they are contained, whether it be in a carrier or a metal kennel and charge depending on the overall weight.

On top of that, individual countries and states also have their own regulations about required quarantine periods and inoculations (such as rabies), which can complicate things further for travellers. Once you arrive at your destination, finding a hotel or accommodation that not only accepts but also caters to your pet can be just as difficult.

The good news is that more and more accommodation providers are making it easier to find a home where your pet is welcome, something that’s extra important for long-term guests, such as digital nomads, medical tourists or business travellers. From offering pet beds and bowls to having space for them to run around, they’re responding to the growing demand for guests wanting to travel with their beloved cats and dogs.

Tips for finding pet-friendly accommodation


1. Find a spacious apartment

An apartment with plenty of room for your pet to move about is essential, as the last thing they want is a tiny box where they’re confined by four walls. If possible, find a furnished flat or family apartment with a small garden that welcomes pets or opt for somewhere with an alfresco terrace or patio where they can get some fresh air.

2. Look for refundable deposits

Some places that accommodate pets may require you to pay an upfront fee, in case of any damage caused by your cat or dog. But rather than paying extra, look for long-term or monthly accommodation with a refundable deposit, so you’re only paying in instances where damage does occur.

3. Talk to an expert

If the complications of pet travel seem overwhelming, there are people who can help you navigate the logistics of finding a suitable place to stay. AltoVita’s friendly agents can assist with finding the perfect “home away from home” for you and your pet while also helping with the selection process. Whether it’s a 6 month rental in London, a 3 month rental in Prague or a few weeks in beautiful Budapest, discover AltoVita’s carefully curated selection of expat and holiday rentals for an unforgettable stay.

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