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AltoVita EcoStats for Corporate Accommodation

Empowering Your Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel

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Make your business profits grow, whilst meeting climate goals and delivering cost-savings!

Discover the path to eco-friendly business travel with AltoVita EcoStats. Tailored for Fortune 2000 companies, this innovative tool not only measures but also helps manage the environmental impact of your corporate stays and helping you make informed, eco-conscious accommodation choices.

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According to Harvard Business Review and NTT, companies that prioritise sustainability outperform their peers by 44% in the long run.

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78% of global travellers intend to stay in a sustainable property at least once in the coming year. We make it easier for your travellers to find them.

How We Calculate Your
Corporate Accommodation Emissions

The AltoVita EcoStats was developed through a sophisticated API integration with Thrust Carbon, accurately estimating the CO2 emissions for each night's stay in any of the accommodations listed on AltoVita, offering a transparent and reliable measure of environmental impact.

When searching for accommodation on AltoVita platform, input the specifics of your stay, including location, duration, and accommodation type. The search results, property profiles, quotes, and booking confirmations will all show the calculated volume of CO2 emissions per night.

Utilising Thrust Carbon's sophisticated data analysis, our algorithm uses this property-specific information to generate a calculated estimate of the carbon emissions produced per night of stay, assessing various sustainability metrics such as; sustainability certifications, renewable energy usage, carbon tracking, efficient lighting, single plastic use, recycling, responsible sourcing, and more.

The AltoVita EcoStats gives clarity in understanding the environmental impact of accommodation options, helping users to compare CO2 emissions performance as easily as rates and amenities. It provides a detailed view of the carbon footprint for chosen accommodations, empowering more sustainable decision-making.

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Accuracy and Standards of AltoVita EcoStats

AltoVita EcoStats for Corporate Accommodation follows reporting processes consistent with practices used in research such as the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index. In partnership with Thrust Carbon, our tool is grounded in scientific accuracy and adheres to internationally recognised sustainability standards.

This collaboration ensures you receive the most reliable environmental impact assessments, helping your company stay aligned with global eco-friendly practices.

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Best Practices for Reducing Your
Carbon Footprint with AltoVita EcoStats

AltoVita encourages selecting accommodations with minimal environmental impact. This involves choosing lodgings that implement sustainable practices, use renewable energy sources, or have a smaller carbon footprint. Educating our clients about these options allows them to align their accommodation choices with their environmental values.

The tool provides comprehensive emission reports, detailing the carbon footprint of different accommodation options. This information is crucial for companies to analyse and refine their travel policies, helping them to meet sustainability targets and make more informed decisions.

AltoVita's commitment to sustainable travel is reflected in our continuous updates to the calculator and available accommodations. This ensures our customers have access to the latest data and eco-friendly options, keeping them informed and at the forefront of sustainable travel practices.
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Want to Learn More?

We're here to assist you in exploring sustainable travel solutions. If you require further details about our AltoVita EcoStats for Corporate Accommodation or have specific questions about implementing sustainable practices in your corporate travel, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Reach out at for personalised guidance and information tailored to your company's unique needs and sustainability goals. Our team is dedicated to helping you make informed, environmentally conscious accommodation choices.


AltoVita EcoStats, powered by Thrust Carbon, employs advanced data analytics and robust methodologies to ensure accuracy. The integration with Thrust Carbon's API means that emission calculations are based on reliable, up-to-date environmental data, adhering to global sustainability standards.
This tool is designed for global application. It can be used for accommodations listed on AltoVita’s platform, regardless of their geographic location, ensuring comprehensive coverage for business travellers worldwide.

Currently, there's no indication of an additional cost for accessing and using the AltoVita EcoStats. It is an integrated feature of AltoVita’s platform, enhancing the value proposition for our clients without extra charges.

The AltoVita EcoStats introduction doesn't change AltoVita’s existing property ranking or search results. Future development phases will enable users to sort and filter properties based on emissions, similar to sorting by rates and facilities. However, this feature will be user-driven, allowing them to customise how search results are displayed according to their preferences.