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Our blog section provides our readers with a wide range of topics from Global Mobility and Business Travel news and trends, to our employee spotlight series. Get to know what drives AltoVita and the trends that are shaping our Corporate Accommodation Platform.

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Product Updates
20th of June 2024
Introducing CSAT Reporting Enhancing Your Service Insights
Product Updates
18th of June 2024
AltoCore Transforms Hospitality Industry with Data Intelligence Solution
Product Updates
13th of June 2024
Discover the Future of Corporate Travel with AltoVita's New Office Feature
Product Updates
6th of June 2024
Revolutionising the Search Experience: Embracing Elasticsearch in AltoOne
Product Updates
29th of April 2024
AltoInsights: Navigating Corporate Needs with New 'Top Lists' Feature
Product Updates
1st of March 2024
Seamless Accommodation Approvals with AltoCurate Plugin for Outlook
Product Updates
29th of February 2024
Delivering Convenience & Compliance with Corporate Preferred Inventory Feature
Product Updates
15th of February 2024
AltoVita Introduces Instant Bookings for Extended Stays
Product Updates
24th of January 2024
Streamlining Corporate Accommodation Management with AltoVita's Cutting-Edge APIs
Product Updates
23rd of January 2024
AltoInsights Escalation Dashboard: Enhancing Guest Experience with Real-Time Incident Management
Product Updates
20th of December 2023
AltoVita Streamlines Corporate Accommodation Experience With New WhatsApp Channel