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AltoInsights: A Game-Changer in Corporate Accommodation Management & Reporting

In a recent webinar, AltoVita unveiled its latest innovation: AltoInsights, a sophisticated analytics and reporting dashboard designed to revolutionise corporate accommodation management. Urska Blagojevic, Senior Marketing Director, and Mikhail Lortkipanidze, Senior Product Manager, presented this breakthrough tool, highlighting how it addresses critical challenges in global mobility and business travel management. You might remember our first product reveal back in June where we introduced AltoInsights for the first time and we are so excited to officially roll it out to our clients!


The Ultimate Dashboard for Decision-Makers

AltoInsights emerges as a solution to the pressing need for a consolidated view of accommodation booking data. This tool isn’t just about data aggregation; it's designed with user delight in mind, offering an intuitive interface and advanced filters for tailored data views.

Data Consolidation:

Real-time and historical booking data provide insights into trends, growth rates, driving opportunities for operational efficiencies, as well as identifies cost-saving opportunities, increasingly vital in today's macroeconomic context.


Enhanced Visualisations, Advanced Filters & Data Segmentation:

This feature allows users to focus on data relevant to their specific goals, excluding extraneous information. By consolidating diverse data sources, AltoInsights enables better understanding and optimization of operations.


Diversity and Inclusion Tracking:

The tool incorporates data on spending with women-owned and veteran-owned suppliers, reflecting AltoVita's commitment to inclusivity.


Escalation Management:

This feature offers control over guest experiences during their stay, enhancing customer satisfaction and supplier relationship management.


Provider Management and Reporting:

AltoInsights aids in identifying key providers and leveraging negotiation opportunities, crucial for cost management and strategic planning.


Upcoming API Integration:

AltoInsights plans to launch a public API for seamless integration with clients' existing business systems, further simplifying data management. With the upcoming API, AltoInsights will ensure data integrity and easy integration, catering to the specific needs of different businesses.


AltoInsights: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

The introduction of sustainability metrics in AltoInsights signifies a shift in accommodation selection criteria. Clients can now choose properties based on their sustainability actions, aligning with their ESG goals. This feature not only supports eco-friendly choices but also encourages suppliers to adopt sustainable practices.

AltoInsights marks a significant milestone for AltoVita, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges of managing corporate accommodations. By combining advanced technology with a focus on user experience, sustainability, and diversity, AltoInsight sets a new standard in the industry, driving efficiency, cost savings, and strategic decision-making. As global mobility and business travel evolve, tools like AltoInsight will become indispensable for companies seeking to optimise their accommodation management & reporting while adhering to their core values and ESG objectives.

Key Sustainability Metrics in AltoInsights:

Comprehensive Spending Insights:

Access detailed data on your total expenditure with sustainable providers, offering a clear view of your investment in environmentally responsible accommodations.

Sustainable Booking Analysis:

Track the total number of bookings made at sustainable properties and the percentage of your overall bookings contributing to sustainable travel.

CO2 Emission Data:

A pivotal addition to AltoInsights is the capability to filter properties based on their CO2 emissions not only on price and quality but also on their environmental impact. By focusing on properties and suppliers committed to recognised sustainability practices, clients can make choices that align with their green initiatives.

Carbon Footprint Comparison:

AltoInsights allows for a direct comparison of properties based on their carbon footprint calculations. This empowers decision-makers to select accommodations that meet their sustainability criteria without compromising on other essential factors.

Estimating CO2 Emissions for Mobility & Travel Programs:

One of the standout features of AltoInsights is its ability to estimate CO2 emissions for each mobility program. This provides a granular understanding of the environmental impact of corporate travel and accommodation choices, enabling companies to strategise and implement more sustainable practices.



Enhanced Sustainability Reporting with AltoInsights: Paving the Way for ESG and Net-Zero Goals

In an era where environmental stewardship is paramount, AltoVita is committed to aiding clients in reaching their ESG and net-zero objectives. AltoInsights stands at the forefront of this mission, integrating comprehensive sustainability metrics to facilitate eco-friendly accommodation choices. This advanced feature not only aligns with the growing eco-consciousness but also empowers clients and their employees to actively contribute to a greener future by selecting a more sustainable accommodation options.

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Driving Sustainable Change in Corporate Accommodations

AltoInsights sustainability reporting tools are not just about data and numbers; they represent a fundamental shift in how corporate accommodations are selected and managed. By providing tangible metrics and easy-to-understand analytics, AltoVita is placing the power of informed, eco-friendly decision-making into the hands of its clients. This approach not only helps in achieving ESG and net-zero goals but also fosters a culture of sustainability within organisations.

The introduction of these sustainability features in AltoInsights reflects a broader commitment to integrating environmental responsibility into the core of business operations. Companies can now seamlessly align their global mobility strategies with their environmental objectives, setting a precedent for responsible corporate behaviour in the business travel sector.

AltoInsights is more than just a reporting tool; it's a catalyst for change in the corporate accommodation landscape. By enabling clients to make more environmentally conscious decisions, AltoVita is not only enhancing the sustainability of global talent mobility and business travel but also contributing to a larger movement towards a more sustainable and responsible corporate world. This innovation in sustainability reporting, now recognised as award-winning at the prestigious 2023 FEM EMEA EMMAs, is a testament to AltoVita's dedication to driving positive environmental change while maintaining the highest standards of service and efficiency.

You can watch the full webinar recording here.

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