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Optimise Your Corporate Accommodation Spend 

Experience a seamless booking platform designed to streamline accommodation management for Admin and Finance teams

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Immediate Compliance, Optimised Spend Control

Merge empowerment with oversight by automating travel policies for 100% compliance. With AltoVita, set custom spending limits, allowing self-service bookings that adhere to budget and policy, ensuring streamlined accommodation management and the best market rates guaranteed.

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Data insights to guide your policy decisions

Leverage AltoVita's advanced analytics for a deep dive into your travel expenditures, categorised by team, project, date, and location. Our platform provides instant access to critical data, including carbon emissions, average rates, and spending patterns, enabling targeted policy adjustments and improved budget efficiency. Receive tailored reports to identify optimisation opportunities and drive smarter, cost-effective travel decisions.

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Flexible Cancellation Policies and Rental Terms

Enjoy the assurance and adaptability of our flexible cancellation policies and rental terms, designed to cater to the dynamic nature of business travel.

Why Admin & Finance teams love AltoVita

Our platform simplifies booking, giving you real-time control over your team's accommodation anywhere in the world, ensuring compliance with company policies and budget caps.

Budget Control

A custom page is created by setting a desired budget parameter in the AltoVita portal or through an API. The URL created is a white-labelled accommodation search page with all the available AltoVita inventory within the specified budget.

Real-time analytics and reporting

A reporting dashboard gives you access to data on spend, booking statuses, incident management, top locations, sustainability metrics and much more, so you can easily keep your stakeholders up to date. 

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Benefit from adaptable cancellation policies and flexible rental terms that offer peace of mind and flexibility, accommodating the ever-changing dynamics of business travel.

24/7 Global Support

Receive round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated support team, ensuring any issues or inquiries are addressed promptly, day or night.

4 Tier Quality Control

AltoVita’s meticulous standards for hospitality partners ensure duty of care for all guests:

  • Supplier Vetting: Comprehensive evaluation of suppliers' operations.
  • Property Vetting: Assurance that all units are move-in ready and well-equipped for extended stays.
  • Pre-arrival Inspection: A thorough inspection is conducted within 24 hours before guest arrival, including a checklist and time-stamped visual evidence, all verified by our guest experience team.
  • Continuous Performance Reviews

Duty of Care

In a typical lump sum package, companies seek to find a balance between employees' needs and the overall mobility & business travel objectives - with duty of care being a core component. You can formulate policies where employees can choose from a menu of duty-of-care compliant vendors. AltoVita solves the "ones size doesn't fit all" issue and simultaneously supports risk mitigation and employee protection. 

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