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Seamless Accommodation Management: AltoVita's Curated (Fully Managed) Flow


Are you tired of the traditional hassles of managing relocations and business travel accommodations through endless email chains and complicated processes? Say goodbye to those headaches and welcome the future of accommodation management with AltoVita's groundbreaking Curated (Fully Managed) Flow. This revolutionary feature redefines the way you handle employee housing needs, streamlining the process and enhancing the employee experience like never before.

Experience the Power of Curated & Authorised Flow

Effortless Initiation and Coordination

Initiating a new accommodation request has never been more straightforward. Whether you're entering the details directly into the AltoVita platform or using a custom API connection with your HRiS system, you'll experience a seamless booking request initiation process. As soon as the request is saved, the AltoVita team is notified, and an assigned expert will curate the list of accommodation options. Their contact information is readily available on the request list, ensuring easy communication for any updates or questions.

Tailored Approvals and Shortlist Sharing

AltoVita's accommodation experts meticulously curate a shortlist of available properties tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a one-step or two-step approval process, adding a corporate approval layer if needed.

One-Step Approval: Receive an email notification with a list of curated options and key details. Dive directly into the 'Approval Page' on the AltoVita platform, where each option's details are neatly presented for easy comparison. With the 'Approval Toggle,' you have the power to select the properties you want to share with your employees. With a click of a button, the chosen accommodations are sent to your employees, complete with an interactive map and commute times to specified locations (such as office HQ) for a comprehensive overview.


Two-Step Approval: This option includes the ability to involve corporate clients in the decision-making process. After the initial consultant/booker approval, the corporate counterpart receives a tailored link to the approval page. They can review and confirm the options they authorise, streamlining the process and ensuring alignment between all parties. Moreover, the second approver doesn't need to be a user of the platform - the link we send is a magic authenticated link so they do not need to have an account and password. This allows the travel booker/ consultant to seek approval on an ad-hoc basis, i.e., when the market has limited availability and the prices are all above budget.


Pre-Approved: For strict budget scenarios requiring a high-touch, curated service, AltoVita's 'Pre-Approved' workflow comes to the rescue. Our housing experts select and curate accommodations within pre-authorised criteria, eliminating the need for further approvals. The employee receives the options directly, enhancing efficiency without compromising quality.

Seamless Corporate Accommodation Selection and Booking

Bid farewell to the ‘traditional’ back-and-forth emails associated with accommodation selection. Employees and consultants can utilise the 'Request to Book' button on the 'Shortlist Employee Page'. For live-connected properties the employee can select the “Request to Book” button and availability is confirmed almost instantly by our team internally. If not, our experts liaise with the hospitality operator to secure availability. The employee receives the accommodation agreement through DocuSign, finalising the booking with ease.



AltoVita's Curated (Fully Managed) Flow transforms accommodation management into an efficient, employee-centric process. From initiation to selection, every step is optimised to provide a smooth, hassle-free experience for both bookers and employees. Say goodbye to the days of cumbersome email chains and hello to a new era of streamlined relocation and business travel accommodation booking.

Ready to Elevate Your Accommodation Management?

Embrace the future with AltoVita's Curated Flow today! Revolutionise the way you manage relocations and business travel accommodations by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. Book a demo to learn more and embark on a journey towards effortless accommodation management. Your employees deserve the best – make it happen with AltoVita.

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