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Revolutionising the Search Experience: Embracing Elasticsearch in AltoOne

We are thrilled to announce that AltoOne has successfully transitioned from simple MySQL queries to the advanced search engine, Elasticsearch. Specialising in the development of search systems and intricate queries, Elasticsearch has been seamlessly integrated into our property search and hospitality operator search functionalities. This upgrade significantly enhances the search experience for our users, empowering them to discover properties and suppliers with greater precision and adaptability.

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Search Capability: Users can now benefit from superior search results, even in cases of minor typos or variations in their search queries.
  • Increased Precision: Our refined search system delivers more accurate and relevant results based on user queries.
  • Expanded Search Criteria: The properties search feature now encompasses three key criteria - property title, location address, and description. Each criteria has been fine-tuned to ensure that the most relevant options appear at the top of the search results.
  • Improved Performance: The response time for search requests has significantly dropped by 30%. By eliminating critical delays (previously 10 seconds) and reducing the average response time from 1.5 to 1 second, we have enhanced the overall performance of our server. This optimization ensures a seamless user experience on AltoOne, with minimal freezes or delays.

The Journey So Far and Future Plans

The positive feedback received on the implementation of Elasticsearch in AltoOne has encouraged us to integrate this advanced search technology into AltoVerse. Our goal is to halve public search response times from 4 seconds to 2 seconds, further enhancing user experience across our platforms. 

Overall, the adoption of Elasticsearch reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in providing efficient and user-friendly search solutions to our valuable users at AltoOne.

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