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Geostabilization's housing needs, why they shifted from Airbnb to AltoVita

  • About GeoStabilization International
  • The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • About the AltoVita Platform 

About GeoStabilization International

Engineering firm GeoStabilization International specialises in emergency landslide and geohazard mitigation, and operates throughout the United States and Canada. As well as landslide repairs, it deals with rockfall mitigation and foundations using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting.

The Challenge 

GeoStabilization's intricate operations often require last-minute travel for urgent assignments, occasionally lasting several weeks. It mainly faced two challenges: finding suitable accommodation in remote locations; and Airbnb issues.

  • Remote locations 

Accommodation has been needed in remote locations including Jackson, Barboursville, Lynchburg, Suffolk, and Huntington, to work on emergency projects. In most cases, houses not apartments are needed because crew members work long, strenuous days. Being able to come back to a home with separate space to unwind and also communal areas to increase comradery and cook actual meals together is such an integral part of promoting community and greater levels of mental health and job satisfaction. 

  • Airbnb

Prior to AltoVita, GeoStabilization sought lodging through a variety of channels, including Airbnb, only to encounter inadequate support and subpar experiences. GeoStabilization’s travel department were left scratching their heads in the wake of “weird quirky Airbnb hosts that try and get money back,” according to Alyson Rosenbloom, Travel Schedule Administrator at GeoStabilization International.

"With AltoVita, we have the added peace of mind that our housing partner will cover all minute details to ensure a seamless check-in and check-out process. Be it a keypad issue or a wild animal in the attic; we trust AltoVita for a swift resolution.”

Alyson Rosenbloom, Travel Schedule Administrator at GeoStabilization International

“We previously did the majority of our housing reservations through Airbnb, and there was so much more leg work on the travel department with Geostabilization International, and we were constantly left vulnerable to host variances and false claims,” adds Alyson. “Airbnb doesn’t have a good service for businesses. There’s the issue of liability…” 

Landlords were claiming that many items were being broken, and so the travel department found itself dealing with claims that were hard to dispute. Airbnb often lacked support on weekends for check-ins or check-outs too. 

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The Solution 

  • Remote Locations

Responding to the need to source remote location requests, GeoStabilization's consultants opted for AltoVita’s AltoCurate platform. A distinct expert assigned to each request curates a comprehensive list of accommodation options, no matter how remote the location. GeoStabilization also benefited from AltoVita’s vast inventory of over 7 million units across 35,000 global locations, including diverse accommodation like serviced apartments, hotels, and aparthotels.

“We are in the business of solving emergency problems to make communities safer, and we take great solace in our newfound partnership with AltoVita knowing that we have a partner on our side ensuring that our crew members have a safe, quiet place to lay their head at night.” 

Alyson Rosenbloom, Travel Schedule Administrator at GeoStabilization International

  • Airbnb

With the added security of rental insurance provided by AltoVita, Geostabilization is no longer left open to the possibility of being on the hook for unverified damage costs. 

AltoVita also supported check-ins and check-outs during weekends. On that front, Armina Hodzic, Senior Guest Experience Manager at AltoVita, has received praise for handling these processes.

Supported by our Customer Success team and Guest Experience Managers in the US, GeoStabilization's teams are able to re-energize and build fellowship in comfortable spaces designed to facilitate team-building after long hours dealing with hazardous work situations.

AltoVita’s contributions resulted in a 5% savings based on GeoStabilization International's accommodation budget consisting of 27 bookings, 12 extensions, and 663 nights. The average length of bookings and extensions were 26 and 8 days respectively.

AltoVita's innovative platform extends beyond lodging, incorporating our analytics tool, AltoInsights. The enhanced system with improved visualisations aids in interpreting data and spotting trends, a key factor for GeoStabilization to manage and control costs efficiently.

AltoInsights allows users to more easily interpret complex information and identify trends, which is critical to containing costs.  “With the addition of AltoInsights we are able to take advantage of having multiple data sets, right at our fingertips,” says Alyson.

“With the addition of AltoInsights we are able to take advantage of having multiple data sets, right at our fingertips.”

Alyson Rosenbloom, Travel Schedule Administrator at GeoStabilization International


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About the AltoVita Platform 

Much of our successful with Geostabilization comes down to our AltoCurate feature, empowering stakeholders with approval mechanisms, visibility, and control over their housing options. 

Geostabilization's travel department benefits from the expert assistance of AltoVita's Customer Success team, receiving tailored shortlists that cater to individual needs and streamline the decision-making process.

Key advantages stemmed from our collaboration include:

  1. Fast Response Time - Our partnership with Geostabilization allows us to fast-track preferential options tailored to meet individual company needs. The travel department receives a comprehensive shortlist of housing solutions through email (platform generated)l, detailing critical property specifics, which help expedite the decision-making process.
  2. Employee Sharing - Upon approval a customised shortlist of preferred accommodation options is shared with the corporate employees. This streamlining approach facilitates efficient and seamless communication, ultimately saving time and money.
  3. Budget Cap Management - As part of our commitment to provide strategic supply chain solutions, we ensure that all accommodation alternatives align with the corporation’s travel policy. This feature aids in maintaining control across budget allowances and constraints.
  4. Pricing Visibility Management - We understand how important it is to align platform features with policy needs, thus we offer the choice to hide (managed moves) or display pricing to corporate travellers (lump sum). This adaptable feature provides a responsive approach to budget management in accordance with company policy.
  5. For Lump-sum moves, AltoSearch can also be used for self-serviced bookings within policy and compliance frameworks. 

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