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AltoVita's Spotlight Series: 5 Minutes with Bridget Roux

Bridget Roux, who found us via LinkedIn!, joined AltoVita’s family full-time in July 2021 as our Supply Chain Manager for the Americas and was quickly promoted to AltoVita’s Client Success Manager for the US.

This Florida-based mum and dog lover has a musical passion, but is and has always been dedicated to global mobility and building long-term connections with clients – a key value we uphold at AltoVita as we continue building a robust US network to help support their needs.

Continue reading as we learn more about Bridget’s background and what she does on a day to day basis…

You had a busy conference season in September, attending Worldwide ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium in Chicago and then NEI’s Global Partner Alliance Summit in Omaha. What were the biggest themes you took away from those conversations?

Bridget says: The industry is changing and quickly. From the conversations it was clear that innovation and transforming the way we manage our day to day, as well as strategic partnerships, will continue to be the theme into 2022. With supply challenges and staff shortages, it is clearer than ever that technology and providing tangible value through your technology is a valuable asset for an organisation and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Another key takeaway from the events for me is the importance of being able to adapt and change in times of crisis and using those lessons learned during the pandemic to think ahead for where you see your business model for the future and how can you be a better steward for clients, supply partners, and your team.

With technology developing so fast, why do you think it’s still important for the global mobility industry to maintain that human-centric approach – especially when it comes to retaining long-term client relationships? 

Bridget says: While automation on certain processes is key to managing a magnitude of tasks, the human-centric approach is still so important. Every travel or relocation is unique with real people, so needs to be treated with such conception. Understanding, dedication, and commitment cannot be automated. Trusting you have an advocate in your corner to help guide you can never be replaced. How you make a client feel after interacting with you is your footprint. 

Understanding, dedication, and commitment cannot be automated.

In a world that is constantly changing, what core values or expectations do you find our clients still look out for no matter what? 

Bridget says: With innovation and technology being at the forefront for the future in the industry, I think guest experience and service delivery will always be what sets you apart from your competitors. Our clients receive not only a partner but an advocate who delivers on promises, offers diverse solutions for any type of travel or relocation, all while providing an exceptional guest experience.

From your experience and perspective, what makes AltoVita different from other corporate housing booking platforms, especially for American suppliers?

Bridget says: For our supply partner network, the system automation eliminates manual onboarding and data entry, as opposed to other sourcing platforms. We have the ability to automate property creation through property management software integrations, direct API, or automated content generation. It enables AltoVita to house a variety of asset classes, which is unique. We don’t only aggregate corporate housing, but also modern design-led rentals, serviced apartments, extended stay hotels to verified and professionally managed private homes. The software also provides bespoke dynamic Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, powered by real-time data.

For our clients, we have a dedicated white-label business-to-employee platform, suitable for all types of moves from managed lump sum to core/flex. We can even import client mobility policy (budget, location, policy, areas), and have successfully launched our modular filter feature to organise property content.

Congratulations on recently getting your Hospitality and Tourism Management Certification over lockdown! What is the next big thing you’re hoping to achieve?

Bridget says: I am so glad I decided to use some time during the lockdown to obtain that certification. I now have my sights on obtaining the CRP (Corporate Relocation Professional) certification. Being in the industry for almost 15 years has been such a blessing and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. I am proud to do this with AltoVita and absolutely love our team.

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