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AltoVita's Spotlight Series: 5 Minutes with Peggy Ng

Meet Peggy Ng, our Director of Client Development. Peggy lives in Singapore and joined the AltoVita team in February 2023, having previously worked for various relocation management companies.

Peggy leads our client development initiatives and strategies across the Asia Pacific region, including India, and considers herself a trusted adviser to customers.

She is also responsible for managing the operations of the customer success team within this region, and enjoys contributing to the consultative process AltoVita embraces, and finding ways to optimise positive guest experiences. 

And on top of that, she collaborates with the AltoVita Hospitality Growth team, and in her own words says she’s ready to “turbocharge” growth in this region.

Continue reading as we get to know more about Peggy…

What excites you the most about specialising within the Asia Pacific region, and are there any particular challenges this region faces when it comes to corporate accommodation? 

The corporate housing landscape within APAC is so dynamic and really unique in each market. We’re always discovering new ways to identify creative solutions to meet current housing trends. As the new Director of Client Development, it’s exciting to be able to stay within the ecosystem while stepping one step closer to our hospitality partners.  

As director of client development, what are you focusing on right now? 

Client strategies, supply growth, and operational excellence. My role is fairly unique as I have many opportunities to handle multiple functions within the organisation. From my point of view, these areas are highly relevant and interconnected.

What do you love the most about working with the rest of the APAC team?

Working with Shradha Batra Mithal (Director of Client Partnerhsips, India), JP Lin (Director of Client Partnerships APAC), Anupa Calvin (sales executive), Xue Qi Lim (Customer Success Manager, APAC), and Saurabh Arora among others, it's the agility. They fully demonstrate how individuals should react in the face of such a volatile and uncertain world. We’re able to deal with any challenges we see within the corporate housing landscape.

You've extensive experience working at various relocation management companies — how does this help you in your current role?

I have gained more than 10 years of exposure specialising in mobility services within Asia Pacific, so now I have the perfect opportunity to continue expanding my knowledge, and at the micro-level of corporate housing.

My past professional experiences are also relevant to my current role in a more specialised context. It helps me to be able to understand our clients’ expectations,… I guess I can relate to their situation from their perspectives, and appreciate the complexities when dealing with challenges. Ultimately it means AltoVita can offer practical solutions.

What's the key message you try to convey to clients?

Let’s collaborate to continue exploring creative solutions to address any challenges in today’s corporate housing landscape. It is extremely dynamic, and there’s high demand for cost-effective solutions. Together we explore innovative sourcing, and the adoption of platform solutions to reduce time and deliver cost saving to corporations.

For the first time, AltoVita brought its first Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit and The Altos awards ceremony to Singapore — the first time outside the UK. How significant is this? And what did you get out of these events?

It was a great achievement! It shows our commitment to clients and all stakeholders in this part of the world. As an Altovitian, I’m proud of the success and impact these events made, and they’re really a milestone of us showing our presence and growth in the region. 


The panel debates offered wonderful insights, thanks to engaging audiences, and they will help us better prepare for what’s around the corner in 2024. The roundtable discussions also extended many interesting topics among global mobility professionals and business travel managers to address the current industry trends around DEI, sustainability and technology. They broadened our horizons, and I see a great potential for AltoVita to be part of the ecosystem across APAC.

What do you enjoy most about living in Singapore?

It’s international, multiracial and I find it so interesting to meet people from everywhere, and to be able to learn new things from people with different cultures. We’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to food — this is also a plus!

Tell us about your next vacation plans!

I’m preparing for a trip to Australia with family, plus I’m lining up a shopping trip to Bangkok before the end of the year.

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