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AltoVita's Spotlight Series: 5 Minutes with Caroline Boyle

AltoVita’s fast-growing global footprint now spans 165 countries and more than 956 cities – an accomplishment which couldn’t have been achieved without our incredible, dedicated team.

With this achievement in mind, we decided that our global account manager and AltoVita’s first full-time employee, VP of Global Customer Success Caroline Boyle, is the perfect choice for our debut spotlight series, which aims to highlight the amazing work and positivity our team brings everyday in order to turn such dreams into reality.

Responsible for overseeing our global accounts by building and maintaining relationships, managing reservation requests, and handling incident management amongst many other vital contributions, we touch based with this rising star to reveal her passion points, recommendations for healthy travelling with confidence, and much more.

What do you like the most about working at AltoVita?

Caroline Says: I love the team! Such hard-working, lovely people all working toward growing this company. I think we have a great team culture even though we are remotely working and spread all over the world. 

What attracted you to this role with AltoVita? 

Caroline Says: I think we have a great proposition for the global mobility industry as our technology has been developed specifically for the temporary housing sector. It feels amazing to promote a solution to clients that you truly believe adds value and makes their life easier. We are continually developing and improving the platform to suit our clients needs which is great to see in action. 

Why do you think placing importance on duty of care is important for employers especially during the pandemic?

Caroline Says: Our clients need to feel assured that their employees will be as safe as possible during this difficult time. Duty of care has always been important for corporate travel and relocations as you are taking responsibility for these transferees/ guests. But of course the pandemic has added a new layer of health challenges and responsibility to corporate housing. We take care to make each guest feel as safe as possible by providing sterilised accommodation from trustworthy housing providers to arranging contactless arrivals and additional quarantine services. 

What was one fun hobby you picked up over lockdown?

Caroline Says: Well, it’s not exactly a hobby but I did lose my mind enough at one point that I bought rabbits… I now have bunnies hopping around my feet all day and I think they can live for 10 years! 

What have you enjoyed so far about AltoVita’s Innovation Summit and why would you advise people to virtually attend the Product Launch session, taking place from June 21st-25th?

Caroline Says: The Design Thinking event which kicked off the Summit was an amazing gathering of people across the world. Managing to get so many global mobility professionals across all time zones to gather and talk in a fun, informal way was quite an achievement. It was great to have a virtual event that stepped away from a Zoom webinar format and really allowed people to connect. 

The Product Launch session is the culmination of all the ideas, solutions, feedback, and collaboration into creating great tools for global mobility professionals. This has really given people a platform to share their problems and get solutions made for them – I can’t wait to see the finished product. 

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