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Announcing Panelists for #AltoSummit Final Phase: Product Launch


Our three-month Corporate Housing Innovation Summit is nearing its epic conclusion, and we’re thrilled to share what we have in store! We will travel continent to continent each day for panel discussions and to unveil the unique products and features created as a result of the Summit to help future-proof the sector for the 21st century.

Each session will be represented by the independent voices of the global mobility and relocation sectors, with unique panel discussions. We’ll end with a product demo of the new features from AltoVita CEO & co-founder Vivi Himmel.

Day 1: US (East Coast & Central): Using Data To Make Smarter Decisions


Day 2: EMEA: Evolving Vendor Partnerships


Day 3: APAC: Trends Driving the Future of Work & Mobility’s Role


Day 4: US (West Coast & Mountain): HR Mash Up: Talent, User Experience, and Business Value


 Day 5: LATAM: Covid, Safety & the Changes to Come

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