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Corporate Approval Flow

The Shortlist feature allows a relocation manager to check the hand-selected housing options for each request on their Approval Page and send on directly to the assignee. We have now created a second approval page for corporate clients to use when another layer of approval is required. 

Here is the new two-level approval flow

  1. AltoVita creates a Shortlist of housing options. These are then sent to the Relocation consultant.
  2. Relocation consultant uses their AltoVita approval page to remove any options they do no not want to submit to the client. These are then sent to the corporate client.
  3. Corporate client reviews the remaining options on a similar style of approval page which does not require an account on the AltoVita platform. They remove any they do not wish the assignee to receive.
  4. Relocation consultant is notified the list has been reviewed by the corporate client, and then sends on the remaining approved options directly to the assignee.
  5. Assignee receives their pre-reviewed options on the AltoVita employee view with map and commute times. They can make their selection with a click of a button. 
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