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Hear CEO Vivi Cahyadi Himmel at IHIF Adjacent Spaces

On Thursday, September 2, AltoVita CEO Vivi Cahyadi Himmel will join a distinguished panel at the Pullman Hotel in Berlin, Germany to debate, “How Not to Waste a Good Crisis.”

The session will examine how to get the best out of one of the most testing periods for the hospitality industry. What should be changed for good and what should not be lost? What trends and initiatives got accelerated? What should be embraced wholeheartedly? What hard decisions should be made? Where are the new opportunities for growth?

The panel will be moderated by Ronit Copeland, Managing Director of Copeland Hospitality, and Vivi will be joined by:

The event is part of the #IHIF2021 Adjacent Spaces, where attendees will “explore investing beyond the hotel room, discover alternative hospitality asset brands, exchange ideas, and shape the future of #hospitality.”

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