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Delivering Convenience & Compliance with Corporate Preferred Inventory Feature

In the dynamic world of corporate travel, finding the perfect accommodation that aligns with company preferences and policies has always been a challenge. Today, we're thrilled to announce a revolutionary solution that transforms this tedious process into a seamless and intuitive experience: the Corporate Preferred Inventory feature, exclusively on AltoSearch.

Select With Ease, Stay With Peace

At the core of our new feature is a simple yet powerful concept: to provide our corporate clients with a curated list of preferred properties, ensuring that their employees have access to accommodations that not only meet but exceed their standards for comfort, convenience, and compliance.

The Corporate Preferred Inventory feature empowers companies to handpick a list of preferred properties. This personalised selection ensures that every stay is aligned with company standards and employee preferences, making business travel more enjoyable, stress-free & compliant, ensuring duty of care.


Prioritisation at Your Fingertips

Understanding the importance of efficiency in corporate accommodation booking, we've innovated our AltoSearch pages to prioritise your preferred inventory. This means that the properties most relevant to your company policy are always front and centre, significantly reducing the time and effort spent on finding the perfect stay. Companies now have the option to limit searches to only include preferred inventory on Worldwide pages, ensuring a more focused and relevant selection. Same can be applied to specific use cases such as intern programs.


Visibility That Matters

We go a step further by marking these preferred properties in search results, offering clear visibility and quick identification. This distinctive feature ensures that decision-makers and travellers can easily spot and select accommodations that are pre-approved by their organisation.

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Charting the Path Forward

Our commitment to enhancing corporate accommodation booking experiences doesn't stop here. We're excited to share a glimpse into the future enhancements of the Corporate Preferred Inventory feature:

  • Simplified Management: We're developing tools for AltoVitians in the Admin panel, allowing for effortless addition and editing of the Corporate preferred inventory list. This will provide companies with unparalleled control and flexibility over their preferred accommodations.
  • Enhanced Visibility for Partners: RecogniSing the importance of collaboration, we plan to make preferred inventory lists accessible to RMC & Corporate users. This transparency will foster better planning, coordination, and satisfaction among all stakeholders in the corporate accommodation booking ecosystem.

The introduction of the Corporate Preferred Inventory feature marks the beginning of a new era in corporate accommodation booking, where convenience, compliance, and customisation converge. With these innovative tools and future enhancements, AltoSearch is setting a new standard for how corporations discover, select, and manage their travel accommodations.

We invite you to experience the difference with the Corporate Preferred Inventory feature – where every journey begins with the perfect stay. Not using AltoVita yet? Contact us and start booking corporate accommodation with AltoVita today!

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