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The 5 Leaf System: Revolutionising Hospitality Sustainability Reporting


As the world continues to grapple with pressing environmental concerns, the hospitality industry stands at a crossroads. The need for sustainable practices has never been more apparent, yet many challenges have hindered progress. Traditional CO2 emission reporting solutions often rely on estimates, leaving a gap between intention and action. Moreover, the lack of guest-specific reporting and the reluctance to share low-scoring data have impeded meaningful change.

Addressing Industry-Wide Challenges

In a groundbreaking initiative, we're proud to unveil a revolutionary sustainability reporting and tiering system tailored specifically for hospitality operators. Recognizing the limitations of current reporting methods, our system offers a comprehensive solution that empowers suppliers to make tangible contributions towards a greener future.

Transparent and Comprehensive Reporting

Unlike conventional reporting models that average property-level data over quarters or years, our system delves into the granular details. Each property's CO2 footprint is broken down to a per-unit, per-night level, offering unprecedented transparency. Drawing inspiration from the UK's strong reporting standards, we're trailblazing a path where sustainability isn't just an ideal – it's a measurable reality.

Elevating Accuracy Through Data Points

We understand that the path to sustainability demands precision. Our "5 Leaf" tiering system incorporates various metrics that encompass not only location but also unit size, energy efficiency, water usage, occupancy rate, and more. We acknowledge the pivotal role that hotels, particularly major chains, play in accurate CO2 reporting due to their scale and public sustainability commitments.

Diving into Scope 1 and 2 Emissions

Our focus lies on Scope 1 and 2 emissions, directly addressing the most impactful aspects of a company's carbon footprint. Scope 1 emissions, encompassing direct GHG emissions generated from business activities, are meticulously accounted for. From electricity generation to chemical manufacturing, no stone is left unturned. We offer two distinct calculation approaches – direct measurement through monitoring and calculated estimations based on fuel consumption and emissions factors.

Similarly, Scope 2 emissions, the indirect emissions from purchased energy production, are harnessed to provide a holistic view. Our dual approach to calculating Scope 2 emissions incorporates both metered consumption and supplier-specific emissions factors, ensuring accuracy without compromise.

A Journey Toward Sustainability

Our system doesn't stop at reporting; it's a comprehensive journey toward sustainability excellence. Suppliers are guided through a five-step process that begins with internal environmental policies and escalates to prestigious certifications and accreditations. We believe that external validation is a testament to a supplier's commitment, and that's why we've aligned our system with globally recognized protocols such as GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.

Pioneering the "5 Leaf" Tiering System

At the heart of our initiative lies the innovative "5 Leaf" tiering system, an emblem of a property's commitment to sustainability. This system recognizes achievements on both the property and supplier levels. Properties earn leaves for using green energy and maintaining a below-average CO2 footprint in their area. On the supplier level, leaves are awarded for implementing environmental policies, obtaining eco-labels, and establishing carbon reduction targets validated by the esteemed Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


A Two-Phased Roadmap for Transformation

Our platform's journey unfolds in two dynamic phases, each designed to usher in a new era of sustainability.

Phase 1: Quantitative Reporting

Users gain the power to filter properties and suppliers that embody recognized sustainability practices. Comprehensive reports on Sustainable Spend become the norm, fostering accountability and informed decision-making.


Phase 2: Empowering Impact

Empowerment reaches its zenith in Phase 2. Users effortlessly compare properties based on carbon footprint calculations, estimate CO2 emissions per mobility program, and access reports detailing carbon impact. Our system culminates in an end goal that's not only visionary but actionable – a world where every aspect of the hospitality experience contributes to a brighter, greener future.


Join Us in Transforming Tomorrow!

AltoVita is also a proud sponsor of EnviroRental, a free resources one-stop-shop for hospitality operators to go from zero to hero on their green journey! EnviroRental is raising awareness and encouraging businesses to take action in the face of the climate emergency and emphasise that sustainability is good for business, guests and the planet.

As we embark on this journey of transformation, we invite hospitality operators to join us in shaping a more sustainable hospitality landscape. The "5 Leaf" tiering system isn't just a reporting tool; it's a commitment to a future where every leaf represents progress, every data point drives change, and every decision shapes a more sustainable world. Embrace the power of innovation and sustainability – your journey starts here.

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