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Watch Now: The Hospitality Strategies Fuelling Growth in Europe

Reflecting on Altos 2023 in London, we're excited to feature a stimulating discussion focused on "The Hospitality Strategies Fuelling Growth in Europe." Join us as Sana Shajarisales, Investment Manager at Outsite; Kearon McCarthy, Global Sales Director at Staycity; and Robin Clifford, Director of Sales EMEA at Guesty, share their insights and experiences.

Under the guidance of Thomas Fleming, Senior Client Development Manager at AltoVita, the panelists will explore the innovative strategies driving growth in the European hospitality sector.

Altos, renowned for its acknowledgment and celebration of the most innovative players in the corporate accommodation sector, warmly hosted its fourth edition in December 2023. To view this insightful panel discussion, simply click on the play button below.


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