The Altos

The Alto Rating System


Our team of home curators conduct consistent desktop research of homes with 5 star ratings from across multiple rental platforms. Of the shortlisted homes, we then read personal guest reviews and select the ones with Altovita appeal and style. Homes nestled in the heart of each city with proximity to cultural sites are amongst our selection when it comes to location.


We then visit each of the pre-selected homes in person and conscientiously assess them against our eight listing criteria ranging from basic amenities to modern comfort. Be it an interesting twist in design artistry, architectural structure or gastronomical delights offered, all elements that work together to create an Altovita inspiring home are meticulously noted and carefully considered.


We conduct casual interviews with hosts to understand their hosting style. We love hosts who put extra miles in adding elements of life and soul into their homes. From hidden galleries to homemade pasta, we gather insights from the hosts to reveal the best of the neighbourhood. Freshly brewed coffees, local art, jazz bar – small ingredients which add a new dimension to the authentic Altovita stay as showcased in our handcrafted Alto Spots.


The Alto home curator team is a community of incognito hospitality talents who share their findings with each other on a regular basis, and together, they handpick Alto worthy listings which form the Altovita collection of inspiring homes.


Our listing editors will work behind the scene on each listing and mix in some magic by introducing our Alto Loves and Alto Curated Spots which guests can see, feel, touch and taste. Our guests may seek inspirations from our independent review section which is crafted to paint the experience while objectively highlighting what guests should be mindful of when choosing their accommodation.


Altos are awarded to homes that excel in most, if not all, of the above categories.
If you would like to nominate a home to be considered as an Alto candidate, please email

One Alto

Our first Alto represents a minimum of 5 star review on multiple rental platforms and satisfaction of our criteria in four categories or more ranging from hosts’ reliability & responsiveness to design features.

Two Altos

The second Alto is awarded to hosts who go above and beyond, whether it is an eye and touch for details in architectural and interior design or perhaps an authentic story combined with artisanal treats and warm personalised service.

Three Altos

The third Alto embodies the perfect Altovita stay, the flawless service and ultimate experience that we want to give to our guests who appreciates authenticity and most importantly, being part of the Altovita community.

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