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Corporate Housing Platform for Extended Stays

AltoVita is a Corporate Housing Platform with over 7 million fully furnished apartments and properties in over 35.000 locations around the world. Manage your corporate travel investment all in one space for optimal visibility, cost saving and employee satisfaction.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

AltoVita offers a multi-award winning enterprise software that brings corporate accommodation to the user, with a reduced booking process from the 24-48 hours common to legacy providers down to just 3 minutes. Adding to that, our strong relationships with our housing partners to offer you the best serviced apartments at the best market price.


One of AltoVita’s global accommodation experts curates a shortlist of available property options that suits the requirements in the request. The property selection process is streamlined in the platform, removing the need for any back-and-forth emails.

Budget Control

A custom page is created by setting a desired budget parameter in the AltoVita portal or through an API. The URL created is a white-labelled accommodation search page with all the available AltoVita inventory within the specified budget and radius.

Live stats

The platform provides live analytics and reporting in multiple formats to allow the maximum visibility and data analysis of your accommodation activity and spend.

Instant Booking

Thanks to our API integration with property management systems, we have enabled our instant booking feature securing corporate accommodation on the spot. Our platform is a groundbreaking initiative in corporate accommodation that combines extended stay properties with hotels, revolutionising the way travellers search and book accommodation. 


This features enables travelers to book their accommodation based on filters like commute time on public transport transport, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and shops.

The largest inventory for booking temporary housing

By joining our global mobility software, you get access to a network of over +7 million vetted and verified accommodation types across 35.000 locations around the world from any of the assets listed bellow. 

Professionalised Private Apartment, Homes & Vilas

Private Apartment,
Homes & Vilas

Corporate Housing


Multifamily (US) / Built to rent (EU/UK)

Multifamily (US) /
Built to rent (EU/UK)

Co-Living & Student Housing

Co-Living &
Student Housing

Hotels & Aparthotels

Hotels &

Fully immersive API connectivity

Our public API is a service that allows you to connect to AltoVita's accommodation management system, giving you access to a network of +7 million vetted and verified accommodation types across 35.000 locations around the world.

Travelers can seamlessly initiate accommodation requests, extend bookings to longer stays, request for special arrangements and cancel reservations insuring the trip goes smoothly.

Fully immersive API connectivity


Start managing your corporate accommodation requests the right way today

Create a Unique Stay With Our
Curated Guest Services

At AltoVita we make sure to foster long and successful relationships with our global housing partners to offer our customers and guests with the best lodging experience. Whether it's a short term rental due to a business trip, or an extended stay due to a relocation, our team is ready to your traveler at home!


Private Chef for Breakfast Feast

Private Chef Meal

Personal Trainer Instruction

All-in-One Corporate Housing Platform for all your corporate travel needs 

The only platform in the market that offers vetted serviced apartments for both business travel and global mobility.


Relocation & Mobility

Corporate Housing Programs with human-centric approach


Business Travel

 Business Travel Accommodation Programs for business travellers

4-Tier Quality Control

AltoVita’s meticulous standards for hospitality partners to ensure duty of care for all guests.

A detailed verification of each supplier's operations and processes

Each and every unit is move-in ready, fully furnished and suitable for extended stays

Within 24 hours of guest arrival, we conduct a detailed on-the-ground pre-inspection with our hospitality partner. They fill out a pre-arrival checklist and provide time-stamped pictures and videos of the actual state of the property, which are independently verified by our guest experience team. 

Quarterly performance review sessions and optimisation. Historical performance metrics and internal tiering process. Use of Live Connect technology for inventory updates.

4-Tier Quality Control
Sustainable Practice

Sustainable Practice

The AltoVita platform identifies sustainable properties through the Sustainability Practice filter and badges. In this way, we are highlighting all sustainable initiatives that offset the accommodation’s carbon emissions, which enables our multinational corporate clients to relocate their employees whilst keeping in line with their ambitious ‘net zero by 2030’ targets.

Guest Safety & Security

Through our partnership with leading property care and operations platform Breezeway, we are standardising safety and security for hospitality operators across asset types.

AltoVita customers are able to filter their property search to view options that have been Breezeway safety reviewed, providing peace of mind that the accommodation they are booking is verified to be clean, safe, and secure.

Guest Safety & Security


Start managing your corporate accommodation requests the right way today

Product Updates

Discover our latest product releases insuring that AltoVita's award-wining Platform remains the most innovative and disruptive in the market.

Product Updates

1st of March 2024

Seamless Accommodation Approvals with AltoCurate Plugin for Outlook

Product Updates

29th of February 2024

Delivering Convenience & Compliance with Corporate Preferred Inventory Feature

Product Updates

15th of February 2024

AltoVita Introduces Instant Bookings for Extended Stays

AltoVita is revolutionising Corporate Accommodation

Are you ready to take the leap? Join us!



A corporate accommodation platform is a booking software that provides diversified asset classes to interns all the way to executives, as well as the ability to search for properties by safe and sustainable practices. The platform aims to power the entire accommodation ecosystem – be it business travel or global mobility – with combined data-driven scalable technology that comes with flexibility and enriched content.  

AltoVita offers diverse type of corporate accommodation. We categorise them into 5 asset types:

- Professionalised Private Apartment, Homes & Villas

- Corporate Housing 

- Built to Rent

- Co-living & Student Housing 

- Hotels & Aparthotels


AltoVita’s meticulous standards for hospitality partners is to ensure duty of care for all guests. All of our listed accommodation go through a 4-tier quality control. 

1- Supplier Vetting

2- Property Vetting

3- Pre-Arrival Inspection 

4- Continuous Performance Review 

Additionally, through our partnership with leading property care and operations platform Breezeway, we are standardising safety and security for all of our housing partners across asset types.

We offer a wide range of customer services, such as:

- Curated guest serviced insuring that all of our guest get the amenities they wish for during their stay 

- Assisting in the set up of any accommodation and relocation programs of our customers 

- Helping our customers find the ideal accommodation type for their employees 

- Emergency hotline for any corporate travel risk that might arise during a guest's stay 

- On-going and proactive customer success plan helping AltoVita admins make the most out of the platform 

- Monthly product updates and releases insuring that the AltoVita platform stays ahead of trend and that our customers are the first to know about it

There are many perks in being an AltoVita guest, here are some of them:

- We help you source and book your accommodation based on your needs and wants 

- We streamline and automate all the booking process that free you from back and forth email threads

- One platform and millions of accommodation options worldwide 

- Guest experience team that will be with you during your travels