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The city of Valencia is one synonymous with seaside and sunshine, not an uncommon feature for coastal cities in Spain. However, Valencia is excels at being a popular destination and it’t not just for the sunshine and sea. Beautiful white buildings, colourful wall murals, festivals such as Las Fallas, and seafood to die for, it really has it all.

At Altovita, we know a thing or two about luxurious houses and prime locations. That’s why all of our Valencian listings are set in the centre of the city or on the beach front, where you can enjoy the cascading walls of white in the narrow winding streets of Valencia whislt staying nearby, or perhaps in them. Waste no expense by being where you want to be when you wake up each day without having to travel for an hour to get there.


Featured Homes

French Connection

Indulge in your design fantasy with a stay at the French Connection, located a stone’s thrown away from the Old Town Square. This two-bedroom home embodies the understated elegance and effortlessly sophisticated French-styled décor.  Guests will love the quality wooden and leather furnishing.

Resplendent Retro

Treat yourself to a luxurious stay in this fashionable home which oozes indulgence from the moment you step through door. The combination of contemporary chandeliers, brocade patterns, and brightly coloured furnishings creates a tantalizing combination of old and new style glamour. With three equally lavish bedrooms, this apartment is an ideal choice for groups looking for a classy stay in Prague.


The Chillmatic penthouse studio adorned in white with creamy undertones is a perfect place for short and mid-term stays in Vienna. Carefully tailored functional design, terrace with a view of the city skyline, and a nearby wellness and an indoor pool are some of the highlights. Couples or solo travellers can unwind in the king-size bed, store luggage in the walk-in closet, or prepare a meal in the fully equipped kitchen.

Light Box

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the sunlight to stream into this striking apartment and reflect off the polished wood floors. This light and fresh feel is enhanced by the soothing neutral colour scheme of the living space, which will leave guests feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With its spacious communal living areas and entertainment facilities this is the perfect stay for a group of friends looking for a fun and sophisticated stay in Prague.

Vintage Splendour

Large groups looking to celebrate something special should not miss the opportunity to stay in this spectacular apartment. Feast together in the grand dining room, enjoy board games by the light of an opulent chandelier, and fall asleep with ease in one of the sumptuously soft beds.

Herbert’s Dream

History enthusiasts will fall in love with this authentic maisonette apartment built in 1725. Everything from exposed brick walls, intricate woodwork, rarity decorations to pastel furnishings and a spiral staircase brings a warm feeling of nostalgia. Secluded French garden and natural stone fireplace are pleasant additions for those summer or winter days.

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