What to Look for When Renting a Flat for 2-3-6 Months?


The world is becoming infinitely smaller and these days, it’s not uncommon to find oneself living in more than one city in the span of a year. This is due to the sky-rocketing popularity of nomadic lifestyles and the increased need for corporate assignments and project work to be completed in countries across the globe. As a result, many destinations are trying to accommodate travellers and holidaymakers who need to relocate for a few weeks or months at a time.

This is where AltoVita steps in. We’re your one-stop solution to helping you enter a new destination as comfortably and as seamlessly as possible. The team pre-inspects and verifies each apartment by sending their hospitality experts to check the quality and amenities in person. With access to over 6,000 fully-furnished monthly rental apartments that are available for short to long term stay, our AltoReps are ready to give you the advice and assistance you need to enjoy your trip while you continue with the lifestyle that you were accustomed to at home. From London to Madrid, Lisbon, and Paris, we’ll find an apartment for you that’s perfectly located and has all of the amenities that will make for a pleasant stay.
In this article, we’ll help you with your search for the perfect monthly rental by sharing some advice on what to look out for when you need a monthly rental in London, Paris, Milan, Stockholm among other cities.

Renting for One Month or Less

While a hotel may be convenient for a short-term stay, the daily costs do add up. Hotels are also not as private as month to month rentals and since you are going to be in an unfamiliar destination for a good few weeks, you may find that an apartment is more comfortable, especially if it features a home-like setting. Since you will be paying rent instead of hotel rates, you will also find that our apartments are a far more cost-effective solution. Even the cancellation terms are flexible, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck to a contract if your travel plans suddenly change.

When searching for a monthly rental in London and other destinations, we suggest you focus on the following:

Commuting times. Is there public transport nearby? Is there an available apartment near to the offices you need to frequent? Will the commute to the venues you need to attend be quick and pleasant? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when searching for a conveniently situated apartment

Furniture and amenities. When you relocate for a short period of time, it’s always nice if at the end of the day you can put your feet up in a place that feels like home. That’s why the more amenities an apartment has, the better. Our apartments, for instance, are fully furnished and include everything from fresh linen and towels to flatscreen TVs, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Look for additional perks. Even if you are travelling for work, it’s nice to be treated as though you are on vacation. That’s why many of our apartments come with added benefits such as weekly cleaning, free gym access, and complimentary luxury toiletries.

Renting an Apartment for 2-3 Months

Are you looking to rent a flat in London for 2 months or more? Perhaps it’s another destination that you will be visiting? If you need an apartment to accommodate you for 2-3 months, then once again, AltoVita has access to the best spots available. Apart from ticking the boxes mentioned above (i.e. considering your commute, amenities, and extra perks), you may also want to focus on the following if you plan on sticking around in your new location for more than a month:

Staying healthy. Relocating for work doesn’t mean that you need to let go of your healthy habits. Our AltoReps can help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle with no extra effort from your side. Our apartments are close to gyms (some have a gym onsite) and spas and when it comes to eating good and nutritional food, we can make sure your fridge and cupboards are constantly stocked with quality products for wholesome meals.

Concierge Services. If you plan to rent a flat in London for 3 months, for example, then a concierge service may be an added convenience. Added services such as childcare, dry-cleaning, and grocery delivery could prove to be very handy.

Parking. If you are staying in your new location for more than one month, you may find that renting a car is a more economical option than paying for transport. If this is your plan, then you need to make sure that the apartment you choose has safe parking spots that are preferably within a short walking distance from your front door.

Renting for 6 Months and Longer

Are you an expat living in an unfamiliar country? Perhaps the project you were assigned to do abroad is taking a little longer than planned? No worries, we have apartments that are ready to be leased for 6 months or longer too! There’s no need to tie yourself to a full 12-month lease agreement. Use AltoVita to plan your accommodation and we will offer the most flexible solutions for your short to long-term stay.

Over and above keeping your commute, your living requirements, and your healthy lifestyle in mind (as mentioned above), if you need to rent a flat in London for 6 months or longer, then you may want to spend some time getting to know your neighbourhood a little better.
Our AltoReps will help you to find a friendly neighbourhood that will make you feel welcome and at home. All of our apartments are situated in prime spots that have access to numerous recreational, educational, and physical activities – so you won’t find yourself bored and alone in a strange city. In fact, we can guarantee you a safe and cultural experience that might just encourage you to take up permanent residence!

Mobility Made Easy

AltoVita is here to offer relocation services to individuals, travel management companies, and independent mobility coordinators and advisers. Our local expertise on each destination will help individuals to settle into their new surroundings easily so that the transition to a new environment does not take any toll. AltoVita guarantees quality of the design-led flats through curation & inspection as well as maintenance and in-destination experience.

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