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Our blog section provides our readers with a wide range of topics from Global Mobility and Business Travel news and trends, to our employee spotlight series. Get to know what drives AltoVita and the trends that are shaping our Corporate Accommodation Platform.

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Global Mobility
18th of March 2024
7 Top Relocation Management Software Platforms to Streamline Relocation
Global Mobility
23rd of November 2023
15 Best Corporate Travel Tools For Flights, Housing & More!
Global Mobility
6th of October 2023
Corporate Housing vs Airbnb: Pros & Cons for Business Stays
Global Mobility
22nd of September 2023
5 Pet-Friendly Corporate Housing Platforms: Top Choices & Tips
Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit
Global Mobility
12th of September 2023
5 Key Takeaways From AltoVita's Singapore Summit
Global Mobility
21st of August 2023
5 Leading B2B Travel Companies for 2023
Global Mobility
18th of August 2023
How to Find Corporate Housing: Companies & Considerations
Global Mobility
10th of August 2023
Business Travel & Accommodation: Types and Decision Factors
Global Mobility
8th of August 2023
How Corporate Housing Works & Benefits for Relocation Plans
Global Mobility
3rd of August 2023
10 Best Corporate Housing Companies for 2024
Global Mobility
26th of July 2023
Guide to Managing Corporate Travel in 2023: Strategies & Tools