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Alto Spots: Prague’s Secret Venues For Live Music

A Jazzy night out at the floating dock

Put away the tourist guide and barge in the jazzy harbor of Prague. The Jazz Dock is for serious music lovers. Locals adore it for its eclectic line-up, combining innovative drifts with classic streams. Besides great live music, you will love the glass enclosed-interiors, giving unto the Vltava river.

Come quickly, I am drinking the stars (and listening to jazz)

Tucked away in the most romantic of Prague’s backstreet, lies the French-styled Champagneria. Locals love the trendy selection of sparkling wines and the whimsical line-up. From Jazzy Fridays to Catalan Rumba, the live music flows out of the large windows and attracts accidental passerby.

Harmonious evenings with the classics

Every Czech is a musician, says the old saying. If not, they certainly know how to appreciate the airs of classical music. Visit the neo-renaissance Rudolfinum hall for the Prague’s philharmonic orchestra, or try the historical National or Estate theatre.

Dance a night away at the Lucerna Music Bar

With an innovative line-up of local and international musicians, the Lucerna venue is one of the most popular concert venues in town. Fridays and Saturdays will take you back to the poppy 80’s nights, but throughout the week you will get plenty of concerts to pick from.

All that (underground) jazz at Ungelt

Get in the jazzy mood at the intimate Ungelt music club. The venue is off the standard tourist trail, finely hidden in a thousand-year-old basement. You can get a break from the hustle and bustle and unwind with a glass of wine at the homely garden in the heart of the Old Town.

Street performances at the Náplavka riverbank

Take in the summer in the air and head to explore the buzzing Náplavka riverbank. Fresh live music performance is another reason to visit this trendy hotspot. Grab a cocktail or a glass of ice-cold beer and observe the street artists from one of the trendy houseboats.

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