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AltoInsights Escalation Dashboard: Enhancing Guest Experience with Real-Time Incident Management

Last year we unveiled our latest innovation: AltoInsights, a sophisticated analytics and reporting dashboard designed to revolutionise corporate accommodation management. In the dynamic world of corporate accommodation, the need for efficient and responsive guest experience management is paramount. For this reason, we are delighted to introduce our new and improved Escalation Dashboard—a feature transforming how incidents are handled, ensuring guest satisfaction and safety.

24/7/365 Guest Support – Ensuring Constant Care

The Escalation Dashboard is powered by a dedicated Guest Experience team, available around the clock, every day of the year. This unwavering support system is crucial for addressing any incidents swiftly, whether raised via phone, email, or the upcoming AltoVerse feature.



Incident Recording and Classification – Streamlined for Efficiency

Upon receiving an escalation, the Guest Experience manager records it in AltoVerse, classifying the incident by type and severity: Emergency, High, Medium, Low. This systematic approach not only aids in quick resolution but also helps in tracking and analysing patterns over time.



Regionalised Response – Tailored Assistance Across the Globe

With dedicated Guest Experience teams and specific contact numbers for the EMEA, Americas, and APAC regions, the dashboard ensures that guests receive assistance tailored to their location and time zone. This regionalised approach enhances the responsiveness and relevance of the support provided.



Real-Time Status Tracking – From Acknowledgment to Resolution

The dashboard meticulously records each escalation's status: Opened (when we receive an inquiry), In progress (when we acknowledged the escalation request with client and started working on it), and Resolved (when we sorted our an issue with property / housing operator), along with precise timestamps. This feature allows for the calculation of critical metrics such as response and resolution times, providing insights into the efficiency of the guest experience management.



Comprehensive Metrics – Insightful Data at Your Fingertips

The dashboard offers an overview of escalations, allowing clients to create custom views based on various filters: per country, per region, per travel program, time period, etc. This comprehensive data, including the incident rate, as well as resolution times, provides valuable insights into the performance and challenges faced in different regions or travel programs.

Looking ahead, AltoInsights plans to introduce features allowing guests to raise escalations via AltoVerse and new filters for clients to evaluate incident rates by housing operators. These enhancements aim to identify and address low-quality suppliers, further refining the accommodation experience.


The Escalation Dashboard within AltoInsights marks a significant leap in managing and enhancing guest experiences in corporate accommodations. By providing real-time incident management and insightful metrics, AltoInsights is not just responding to challenges; it's proactively shaping a more responsive, safe, and satisfying accommodation experience for global corporate travellers.

This comprehensive approach, blending technology with human-centric service, ensures that every guest's stay is not just a transaction, but a well-supported experience, reflecting AltoVita's commitment to excellence in corporate accommodation management.

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