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AltoInsights: Navigating Corporate Needs with New 'Top Lists' Feature

Elevating the analytical capabilities of corporate travel and relocation, AltoVita’s analytics and reporting tool, AltoInsights, introduces the 'Top Lists'—an essential feature designed to address the specific pain points of Relocation Management Companies and Corporate Travel or Relocation Managers.


Empowering Relocation Management Companies with Precision

Maximising Client Relationships and Revenue

Relocation Management Consultants can now seamlessly track and analyse their client engagements. With real-time data on requests, bookings, conversion rates, revenue, and referral fees, managing client relationships has never been more precise or profitable.

Strategic Geographic Insights

AltoInsights provides Relocation Management Companies with the key to unlock geographic trends, enabling them to adapt strategies to serve market demands effectively. This empowers them to allocate resources wisely and enhance their presence in critical locations.

Consultant Performance Metrics

The performance of consultants is clearly displayed, promoting an environment of continuous improvement and success acknowledgment. By spotlighting individual achievements and areas for growth, Relocation Management Companies can cultivate a high-performing team.


For the Corporate Client: Insightful Spend and Performance Management

Optimising Travel Programs

Corporate clients can now scrutinise the effectiveness of their travel programs across various locations. This strategic advantage ensures that their travel initiatives are delivering on corporate objectives and employee satisfaction.

Financial Transparency and Consultant Assessment

With detailed financial breakdowns and consultant performance metrics, corporate clients managing multiple Relocation Management Companies can easily compare and contrast to ensure they are receiving the best service and value for their investment.

Comparative Analysis for Informed Decisions

Choose any period for review and detect trends that inform future decision-making. This historical insight is instrumental for corporate clients aiming to refine their strategies and anticipate market changes.

Advanced Filtering for Customised Insights

Personalised Data Examination

With advanced filtering capabilities, users can dissect data to the most relevant details. This means personalised reports that cut through the noise to deliver the insights that matter most.

Highlighting the Multi-Relocation Management Company Comparison

A standout feature enables corporate clients working with various Relocation Management Companies to compare their performances in a singular, coherent display, encouraging smarter, data-driven decisions.

AltoInsights’ 'Top Lists' feature is a game-changer for professionals in the corporate accommodation sector. It’s a robust extension of AltoVita’s commitment to empowering Relocation Management Companies and Corporate Travel or Relocation Managers with the data they need to excel.

Step into an era where every insight is a stepping stone to greater success with AltoVita’s AltoInsights—where clarity meets strategy in corporate travel management. 

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