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Search by Sustainable Housing, Help Your ESG Goals

This week, Google announced a new set of tech tools for conscious travellers via enhanced search technology. Now, users can filter hotels on Google.com/travel by “eco-certified” and sort flights by those by are marked “low emissions.”

We at AltoVita applaud this effort, and are proud to say we are fully aligned with this approach. As a result of our Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit in May, we launched similar search functionality filters as well as badges. By spotlighting the sustainability initiatives and certifications of the housing options on our platform, we are providing users with the information they need to confidently and quickly find corporate housing that aligns with their own sustainability values and goals.

AltoVita’s Sustainability filter in action.

By putting transparent information front and center with a seamless user experience, Google and AltoVita make it easier for individuals and businesses to make more earth-friendly travel decisions, whether for leisure or business.

Sustainable Practice detail on the property listing.

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