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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 2024 Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit

The 4th annual Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit, to be held at London's Rose Court on July 9, will focus on Market Intelligence, Compliance, and Connectivity, addressing the complexities and costs of sourcing and booking accommodation in the corporate travel and mobility sector. It invites industry professionals to explore challenges in content, distribution, and procurement.

Here are 5 things you can expect at this flagship event... 

1. A Unique Event Format

Few events bring together travel, mobility and extended stay accommodation experts like our summits, which have gained a reputation for pushing discussions forward. Expect thought leadership, transparent discussions and inspiring keynotes at our fantastic venue, the Rose Court in Southwark. The theme of the "The Great Consolidation" will dominate as we look to uncover why sourcing and booking accommodation has become so expensive and complicated, at a time when businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the overall travel experience. We'll also dive into areas like market intelligence, compliance and connectivity throughout the day. And if guests have any burning questions, we're bringing back our popular “un-panel” which gives you a chance to quiz the industry yourself!


2. Workshops

Interactive workshops take the conversations even further. They will focus on specific areas of travel and mobility programs, dedicated to compliance, connectivity and data. Of course safety continues to be a major compliance theme, especially in the wake of recent geopolitical events and natural disasters. 

We’ll also dive into integrations with property management systems, to bring live inventory and instant bookability, and the role of human resources information systems. The ecosystem is evolving, and we’ll share some of the ways AltoVita is playing a key role in making the right connections, including through AltoSearch. 

The summit also hones in on experiences and wellbeing. As well as containing costs, smart businesses appreciate how the best accommodation can retain staff, and even play a role in recruiting employees. These workshops will equip leaders to move employees around the world as smartly, safely and sustainably as possible. 

3. Introducing Alto360

Attendees will get an exclusive preview of Alto360 — the first real-time market intelligence tool tailored specifically for the extended stay sector. There’s a real need for intelligence that empowers strategic decision-making with richer data on ADRs, occupancy rates, and market trends. We will specifically tackle data availability issues, focusing on developing improved forecasting, planning, and budgeting strategies to navigate the complexities of the extended stay market more effectively - for both suppliers and corporates! 

Having the right information at your fingertips, and at the right time, has never been so important, and Alto360 builds on our big reveal in 2023 when we unveiled AltoInsights. Learn more about unlocking unprecedented price transparency within an industry traditionally shrouded in market opacity. 

4. Design Thinking Week

Hear innovative new solutions when we reveal the findings from Design Thinking Week! This is a series of four collaborative workshops that take place online during the build-up to the summit. Register now for these virtual events (beginning April 9) and your insights will drive advancements in our product development roadmap. Join our creative product managers on the following dates. The culmination of these workshops will be showcased on stage on July 9, and through more workshops on the day. 

5. Networking

Our summit this year will be an exclusive gathering of the brightest minds in global mobility and business travel, bringing together leaders from a diverse range of sectors. Throughout the day you’ll be able to engage with industry leaders, as we place a focus on giving everyone more time to build networks, thanks to a flexible event programme. The summit is also about more than discussing business strategies. At the end of the day, guests can look forward to our signature cocktails during the dedicated post-event reception. 


Find out how to register for the 4th annual Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit here.

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