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Watch Now: Enhancing the Relocation Experience Webinar

Officially launching our AltoLive series of webinars, we heard best practice advice,  tips and much more from relocation management company Sprout on February 21. 

The 45-minute virtual event (available to watch on-demand here) also delved into how AltoVita's technology can help businesses unlock the best accommodation, and create a seamless service, leading to an optimal experience for employees on extended stay trips. 

Sprout's lead advisor Renee Bissonnette joined Bridget Roux, AltoVita's Operations Manager, Americas, to talk about how speed, efficiency and a comprehensive supplier network helps the RMC deliver every time for its corporate clients.

The webinar, which was moderated by mobility expert Brian Friedman and AltoVita's Matthew Parsons, follows a case study that explores the win-win collaboration with Sprout, and outlines how cutting-edge technology is underpinned by expert consultants and advisors, who are passionate about the overall employee experience.

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Also in the webinar:

  • Watch 2 short platform demonstrations, highlighting the accommodation shortlist and approval processes.
  • Get the lowdown on Canada's extended stay corporate accommodation landscape. 
  • Listen to discussions around the challenges of real-time availability and instant booking for extended stays, and how AltoVita addresses these. 

Sprout was founded in 2022. Based in Canada but operating globally, it helps companies and their employees navigate their end-to-end relocation journey, or in their own words “from the seed of an idea to sprouting up in a new location, and life beyond." 

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