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Why Sprout Adopted AltoVita to Enhance the Relocation Experience

About Sprout

Relocation management company Sprout was founded in 2022. Based in Canada but operating globally, it helps companies and their employees navigate their end-to-end relocation journey, or in their own words “from the seed of an idea to sprouting up in a new location, and life beyond.” In particular it works with one of the “Big Four” international consulting companies, which regularly sends employees to Canada from around the world.  Find out why Sprout selected to use AltoVita exclusively for its corporate housing needs.

The Challenge

Sprout’s consultancy client regularly relocates staff to cities including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In many cases employees wait for long periods of time for their visa. When it arrives, they want to move fast.  Rush requests are made and it’s not uncommon to have 24-hour turnarounds.  There are also outbound requests from Canada as clients travel to a range of worldwide destinations, including Singapore, Australia, the UK and across Europe. Budgets can be challenging with corporate accommodation soaring in many capital cities. Previously Sprout’s consultants manually created lists with housing request details, and would then send it to hospitality operators via email, which can be time-consuming. As a result, Sprout’s consultants needed to be able to find quality corporate housing quickly, efficiently and within budget. 

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The Solution

After a three month pilot, Sprout adopted AltoVita as its corporate housing provider. Its consultants are now in control using AltoVita’s platform. When they enter the details directly into the AltoVita platform, they experience an end-to-end booking process, from initiations to booking and guest experience. As soon as the request is saved, the AltoVita team is notified, and an assigned expert curates the list of accommodation options.  Their contact information is readily available on the request list, ensuring easy communication for any updates or questions.

"I just love the fact I feel in control of what’s available. If I’m in a rush, I know I can do the booking quickly by myself." France Thompson, Consultant at Sprout.

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Beautiful UX Design 

One of the main reasons Sprout’s team loves AltoVita is the user experience.  Our vetted accommodation options feature clear images, and using the platform means they don’t have to constantly monitor their email, and so they avoid the risk of missing something. The platform allows users to see the property, and send it directly to the client to review, or to the employee to review. This means no more manual searches for an email, and then cutting and pasting it on
another email or a spreadsheet.  In fact, AltoVita reduces the average number of minutes from 201 to 97 minutes per booking. If our system integrates with your system, this will go down even further to 62 minutes Of course, our platform is backed by a team of experts on hand to deal with accommodation queries promptly, so Sprout’s advisors know what’s going on every step of the way. Sprout’s expert consultants also enjoy being able to have visibility on each other’s requests, as they can see the links, and can start working on them when needed.

"The images are clear, I love the whole platform. The technology is beautiful, it’s really simple to use, it’s very clear." France Thompson, Consultant at Sprout.

Supplier Network

Sprout leverages AltoVita’s global inventory of 7 million units. AltoVita’s curated accommodation platform integrates extended stay accommodation such as serviced apartments, apartments and private vacation homes with hotels and aparthotels, onto a single platform. AltoVita vetted and onboarded Sprout’s preferred hospitality operators and is delivering effective supply chain management on Sprout's behalf. This helps Sprout to further reduce costs, but also maintain long-standing relationships, while using a consolidated platform. For example in Vancouver, one of Sprout’s VIP assignees likes to stay in accommodation provided by Level, an extended stay apartment provider that offers fully furnished, design-forward suites. Users can also easily keep track of bookings with the advanced Reporting Dashboard, which provides access to key data points all in one place in an easy-to-use and interactive format. This can include top locations, bookings, total spend, historical average daily rate (ADRs) and much more.

"The quality is always great, no matter what. I can see whatever you put your hands on, all the units, it’s quality!” France Thompson, Consultant at Sprout.

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AltoVita's Feedback

“I am really enjoying working with Sprout ! So far, in my view, the consultants are polite, acknowledgeable and results oriented.”

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“I love working with France & Renne!”


“They are super to work with and FAST!
Just awesome!!!”


“They are super kind and quick to thank you when you’re doing well which is ALWAYS appreciated!”


About the AltoVita Platform

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Initiating a new accommodation request via AltoVita’s platform is straightforward. Whether you're entering the details directly into the AltoVita platform or using a custom API connection with your Human Resources Information System, you'll experience a seamless booking request initiation process.  As soon as the request is saved, the AltoVita team is notified, and
an assigned customer success expert will curate the list of accommodation options. Their contact information is readily available on the request list, ensuring easy communication for any updates or questions. Or alternatively, the consultants can request to book directly from our self-service platform, especially if it's a rushed move.

Tailored Approvals and Shortlist Sharing

Using AltoVita’s platform means that our accommodation experts meticulously curate a shortlist of available properties tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a one-step or two-step approval process, adding a corporate approval layer if needed.  One-Step Approval: Receive an email notification with a list of curated options and key details. Dive directly into the 'Approval Page' on the AltoVita platform, where each option's details are neatly presented for easy comparison. With the 'Approval Toggle,' you have the power to select the properties you want to share with your employees. Two-Step Approval: This option includes the ability to involve corporate clients in the decision-making process. After the initial consultant/ booker approval, the corporate counterpart receives a tailored link to the approval page. They can review and confirm the options they authorise, streamlining the process and ensuring alignment between all parties.

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