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5 Tips to Enjoy Prague’s Summer Like A Local

Summer days mean it’s Náplavka time

Enjoy the jovial atmosphere of the Náplavka riverside market or enjoy the fresh breeze on one of the houseboat bars. Náplavka has gone through an astonishing revival and became one of the most popular summer hangout spots in Prague. From corporate after-work drinks to food lover parties and picnics, Praguers always find a reason to come and hangout by the Vltava River.

Sip in the sunshine from a paddleboat

There is no finer way to soak up the sun than by hopping on a paddle-boat and admiring the city’s iconic sights from the river. Praguers love to lounge in the sun and enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends on the river. You can get a rowing boat at Zofin, or opt for a swan-shaped paddle boat for optimum Instagrammable material!

Picnic with a view from the Rieger gardens

If you are looking for a picnic spot with a panoramic view, head to the greens of the Rieger gardens. These picturesque gardens are the perfect place to unwind with friends and an ice-cool beer freshly brewed from the beer-garden nearby. It’s also the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the sprawling city-scape!

An outdoor movie night

Praguers love movie-nights – especially, when they can sip a glass of cold beer and sprawl on the lawns at the same time. Try the Stalin open-air cinema, located near the iconic Metronome sculpture, symbolising the Czech Republic’s long struggle for freedom. Keep calm and carry on, this is not propaganda.

Offbeat music festival

Summer nights offer countless musical extravaganzas, ranging from small concerts to large festivals. Explore the Náplavka riverside, Kampa park, United Islands of Prague or the Jazz Dock for a musical night out.

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