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Cast Your Vote Now for the Rising Star Award!

As part of The Altos on December 5, we're inviting the public to vote in advance for the winner of the Rising Star category.

These are professionals in the industry who have gone above and beyond to achieve amazing results, and have raised the eyebrows of industry leaders and experts.

This headline category is determined by public vote, with the winner revealed during the awards ceremony at Landing Forty Two on Tuesday December 5.

Read all about the contenders below, then cast your vote here

Entries close midday GMT on Wednesday November 29.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Rising Star Nominees

Josef Caron, UnderTheDoormat

Josef is Head of London Managed at UnderTheDoormat. With over five years of experience globally in luxury hospitality at the Sofitel in Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam and Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

At UnderTheDoormat, Josef's ascent has been remarkable. Within just 18 months, he transitioned from the role of Guest Experience Manager to being promoted as Head of London Managed, quadrupling the size of his team, introducing 24/7 guest services and achieving consistently high 4.8 ratings for guest experience.

His responsibilities expanded significantly with his promotion to Head of London Managed, increasing UnderTheDoormat’s B2B partner portfolio. Josef has managed our flagship aparthotel in Sloane Gardens achieving 90% occupancy throughout the year. He continues to expand the UnderTheDoormat footprint in Canary Wharf and most recently launched 60 brand-new serviced apartments in the heart of Camden.

“Josef's journey showcases the immense opportunities available in the hospitality industry, particularly at UnderTheDoormat. His real-world experience in luxury hospitality has been instrumental in his success, allowing him to bring a unique perspective to his role. Josef's blend of industry knowledge, ambition, and dedication makes him a true rising star, poised to make a lasting impact in the world of travel and hospitality”. 

Kirsty Dunbar, Viridian Apartments

Kirsty is Property & Compliance Manager at Viridian Apartments. She joined in August 2015 as a Client Relations Executive and has since embarked on a journey of growth. In September 2019 she assumed the role of Operations Team Leader, where she successfully navigated the challenging landscape of Covid-19 while upholding the highest standards.

Her responsibilities expanded significantly with a recent promotion to Property & Compliance Manager. Extensive duties encompass landlord maintenance, overseeing contractors, tenant relations, and rigorous adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. She also takes charge of documentation management, risk assessment, and cost control. And all this across a portfolio of nearly 500 apartments.

"Kirsty serves as our valued central point of contact for all compliance-related matters, demonstrating exceptional communication skills. Her ability to resolve issues promptly and manage escalations with finesse is a testament to her professionalism and dedication," the company said.

She also plays a pivotal role in nurturing strong relationships with landlords, and has a profound knowledge of business operations.

Kirsty is responsible for leading the company's efforts to attain the ISAAP accreditation, which ensures Viridian meets the highest standards of guest experience, service, quality, and comfort, as well as adhering to industry best practices.

"We are consistently impressed by Kirsty’s capacity to uphold such meticulous attention to detail and organisational excellence across her expansive scope of responsibilities. She is a dependable and efficient professional who not only takes initiative but also sees tasks through to completion – a true 'starter-finisher’ and a true Rising Star," the company said.

Anshul Mehta & Digamber Butola, Hybrid Resi

In the world of serviced accommodation, Hybrid Resi says that Anshul (Managing Partner) and Digamber (Associate Partner), newcomers to the industry, are determined in their commitment to shaping their organisation into an eco-friendly enterprise.

They aspire to be pioneers, leading the charge in redefining how we travel sustainably and revolutionising Hybrid Resi's perspective on responsible travel.

Drawing upon their track record of negotiating both commercially and environmentally sustainable deals, their success in opening hotels across the globe, their management of diverse teams, and their utilisation of cutting-edge technology, Anshul and Digamber have orchestrated substantial changes and an 80% year-on-year growth in their operating assets.

The pair believe their leadership will make a profound difference in promoting sustainability and redefining responsible travel practices in the industry.

"In their leadership roles, Anshul and Digamber have championed a paradigm shift, emphasising sustainability and responsible travel. Their dedication to these principles represents a new and innovative direction, one that is poised to have a significant impact," the company said.

Simon Vavricka, Prague Days

Simon is co-founder and Head of Sales at Prague Days. Over the past year he has positioned Prague Days Business (PDB) as a key player in the city's serviced apartment industry.

Joining the team as a Sales Representative four years ago, Simon rose to the role of Sales Manager. At that time, the company's focus was property management, primarily serving property owners. However, Simon's forward-thinking led to the establishment of Prague Days Business, a B2B serviced apartment provider.

In the past year, Simon's dedication and leadership have transformed PDB, expanding the partner portfolio from 84 to 155 clients. He also restructured apartment offerings to better serve corporate clients, leading to the formation of a skilled team of account managers and sales representatives.

Simon also actively encourages and values the ideas of each team member, fostering an environment of innovation and improvement. His commitment extends to nurturing young talent, introducing new individuals to the serviced apartment industry, and harnessing their potential.

His commitment to sustainability has also charted a path for the company's future initiatives. He engages with the community, advocating for fair policies within the serviced apartment sector through regular meetings with government officials. As a testament to his accomplishments, he was recognised and appointed as a co-owner of the company.

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