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How to Choose an Apartment for Your Parents in Retirement

Planning to relocate to a warm climate for a few weeks or months of the year is one thing. But if you’re assisting your parents in doing the same during their retirement years, then there are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind.

Elderly guests are often more vulnerable and with reduced mobility, which may impact their ability to access the services or amenities they need. But with some careful planning and a little assistance from an accommodation expert, you can find the perfect holiday rental to meet their needs.

1. Find reliable and highly responsible hosts

First and foremost, you should book a furnished apartment or luxury home with reliable hosts who are running a responsible tourism operation. You want the peace of mind that they will handle any incidents in a professional and sensitive manner so your parents aren’t left dealing with broken down appliances or a leaky roof.

It’s also worth finding a host who is willing to assist in the relocation. Perhaps they provide an airport transportation service and will help your parents with their luggage as they settle into the apartment. Ideally, you want someone who is just a phone call away, so either you or your parents can contact them easily if something does go wrong.

2. Find a host who is fluent in English

It’s also important to find a host who is fluent in English so your parents can easily communicate with them throughout their stay. You want the peace of mind that any issues or concerns they have won’t get lost in translation and lead to misunderstandings that could escalate into stressful situations.

3. Find a quality home with easy access

As we get older, the ease of living becomes more important, so look for serviced apartments or spacious homes where your parents will be comfortable. If the property is on an upper level, make sure there’s a reliable elevator for them to access the apartment and if your parents have limited mobility, then avoid properties with steps. You might also want to consider if any safety railings are available in the bathrooms if this is something your parents need, as well as wheelchair accessibility if required.

4. Look for a safe, central location with facilities

It’s essential that your parents feel safe and secure while having easy access to public transport options for getting around. If they’re planning on hiring a car, make sure there are parking facilities available. Also, consider whether they’re walking distance to grocery stores and amenities they may regularly require, such as pharmacies or banks.

If your parents have health concerns or are travelling for medical tourism purposes, check on the proximity of the closest medical facilities or hospital and the requirements of accessing ambulances in the destination country.

5. Look for a well-equipped kitchen with modern amenities

A well-equipped kitchen is essential for any relocation or extended stay, with modern appliances such as a dishwasher and microwave welcomed by most travellers. You also want to ensure it’s equipped with an oven, pots and pans, and any utensils your parents may need, so they don’t have to worry about purchasing additional items to make their favourite meals.

6. Consider any additional services

Last but not least, an apartment with services can make a big difference to a stay, particularly for older guests. Look for properties that offer weekly cleaning or grocery delivery services, as well as having a reception desk or concierge where your parents can access local tips and suggestions.

Also, make sure both you and your parents have a 24 emergency number on hand for someone to call in case of any incidents at the property.

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