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Introducing the All-New Shortlist Optimisation Feature: Swift, Smart, and Seamless

In the world of sourcing and booking corporate accommodation, time is of the essence. Our relentless pursuit to amplify efficiency and enhance user experience led us to re-imagine the shortlisting process. The question was clear: How can we drastically reduce the time our dedicated team spends preparing property options while enhancing the curated flow experience for our valued customers?

Tailored for Precision: The Core Beneficiaries

While the genesis of our new update is to empower our internal teams, the end benefits for our clients seamlessly trickle down to:

  • Offering a swift, comprehensive view of options to make informed decisions.
  • Equipping them with all necessary information upfront, ensuring no time is wasted in back-and-forth communications.

Shortlisting Reinvented: Key Features

Comparison View

An intuitive layout allowing consultants to quickly evaluate and approve property options, akin to comparing apples to apples in a fruit market.

Streamlined Information Access

By addressing the heavy reliance on the Property Comments section, we've enriched the standard property fields. Now, essential details are right at your fingertips, eliminating the need for manual interventions and tedious sifting through comments.


Enhanced Shortlist Outputs

Clients usually checked property options in two ways: via email content or the approval page. Our solution? We've optimized both. Now, 8 new common property data points have been added to our responses to enrich the information we share. We have also created an easy way to share our shortlists with clients in our existing emails chains, providing a more coherent and efficient communication process.

All-in-One Property Details

From Property Name to Access Type, every essential detail about a property is now available upfront. Whether it's the number of bedrooms, commute times, nightly rates, or cancellation policies, consultants and travel bookers have a holistic view, ensuring they can make decisions faster and with greater confidence.

“Our clients review and approve accommodation options in a number of ways, on the platform as well as the quick view on email. Our aim was to improve the experience of checking property options both on and off platform by providing more key information to make the right decisions. The new comparison design makes it quick for clients to check the details that matter across all properties at once, providing a quick and painless approval process.” - Caroline Boyle, Product Manager at AltoVita


Why Efficiency Matters: Numbers Speak

Our data showed a global average of 65 minutes spent on shortlisting per request. With this update, our top-line goals are ambitious but achievable:

  • Shortlist Creation: Reduce from 22 minutes to an impressive 15 minutes average across all regions.
  • Shortlist Dispatch: A monumental leap from the current 13 minutes to a mere 2 minutes.

Efficiency isn't just about saving time; it's about refining the quality of that time. A reduced response time is directly proportional to an increased conversion rate. By ironing out the kinks in the shortlisting process, we're not just improving our turnaround time, but elevating the entire user experience.

Our latest shortlist optimisation is not just a feature update; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled efficiency and value to our users. As we constantly evolve, our focus remains unwavering: to provide solutions that genuinely make a difference. We invite you to join our corporate accommodation platform today. Together, we're shaping a brighter and more efficient future for global mobility & business travel managers.

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