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5 Tips For Finding Corporate Accommodation in Unfamiliar Locations

So you’ve been tasked with transferring an employee to a new city. Maybe it’s a far-flung destination that you’ve never even heard of, let alone visited. Or perhaps you’re in charge of organising an extended business trip and need trusted corporate accommodation for the whole team.

Whatever your situation is, it can feel daunting when searching for short- and long-term corporate rentals, especially when you know nothing about the location.

How to find housing

Ask Your Employee(s) About Their Requirements

Since corporate accommodation is incredibly diverse, with asset classes ranging from serviced apartments to professionally managed homes to co-living, the first step is to ask what the future inhabitant is expecting from their new temporary home. Why not get your employees to draft a “must-have” list so that you know which aspects are a priority? Be aware that you may have to find pet-friendly accommodation or an apartment that accommodates a family of five. Also consider work-ready amenities such as a desk, ergonomic chair, and high-speed internet.

Start Your Search Immediately

Just like booking a holiday, getting a head start when organising a corporate stay can help you land a better deal in terms of quality, price, and preferred location. While rates may fluctuate, especially in high season and around major events, you can get a good idea of cost by comparing your options within that specific location’s corporate housing market.

Look For Accommodation With Homely Amenities 

Landing in an unfamiliar location can be unsettling, and that’s why homely accommodation can make all the difference. While some would associate business travel with lavish five-star hotels, this option not only surpasses many companies’ budgets but also lacks familiarity.

Corporate furnished apartments are a must, and it’s also worth finding somewhere that includes amenities such as fresh towels and linens, premium cable, and inviting interior décor to make the stay more comfortable. You could even go the extra mile and look for a package with hotel-quality facilities such as laundry services and gym access.

Research the Destination In-Depth

Landing a luxe apartment isn’t the solution to successful corporate housing. Make sure to (virtually) investigate the neighbourhoods to discover which ones are safe and conveniently located. You can also get your employee excited about their trip by putting together a summary of their new city, including monuments to visit that’ll take it from ‘strictly business’ to ‘bleisure’.

Let Corporate Accommodation Agencies Do the Hard Work For You

You could Google “temporary housing” or “how to rent a corporate apartment” if you’re prepared for a lengthy, drawn-out process, or you could facilitate the process by consulting a team of corporate housing experts for a quick, easy, and reliable experience. 

AltoVita provides an innovative, easy-to-use platform for managing corporate travel in which you can apply filters to find the corporate housing options you need, all backed by a dedicated Customer Success team who can help source exactly what you need. The AltoVita team is committed to providing duty of care for every guest, with heightened standards for safety and security. This includes AltoVita’s industry-leading 4-Tier Quality Control process, with a pre-inspection within 24 hours of guest arrival to ensure that everything is safe and ready as advertised. 

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