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Scale Up Team and High Growth Founder: AltoVita Secures 2 UK Business Angels Awards Nominations

Corporate housing specialist AltoVita has been named a finalist in two categories for the UK Business Angels Association Awards.

The UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, representing over 650 members that collectively deploy more than $2.5 billion each year.

AltoVita's first nomination is as Scale Up Team of the Year. This category recognises “the most active and dynamic entrepreneurial team who, through strong leadership and teamwork, have achieved fast growth and scale of their highly innovative business.”

The shortlisting follows AltoVita’s $9.5 million Series A fundraising in December 2022. Fifth Wall & Novum Capital were lead investors, alongside international angel investors. AltoVita secured this investment in a market which has seen less than 2% VC funding in 2022 going to businesses led by women.

AltoVita was selected as it demonstrated how its team has worked together to successfully scale the business, and further build on its core growth strategy. Part of the submission focused on how AltoVita uses events, such as its recent Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit, to engage with its customers and gather feedback from delegates and workshop participants to shape its products.

Last week AltoVita launched Alto Insights, which was based on extensive user feedback.

Meanwhile, AltoVita CEO and co-founder Vivi Cahyadi Himmel has been named a finalist in the High Growth Woman Founder of the Year category, which recognises exceptional leadership of a woman founder or co-founder of a high growth business.

The winners will be announced on 6th July at London’s Science Museum.

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