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9 Global Mobility Software for 2024: Features & Benefits

The traditional mobility programs of international businesses have been influenced by rapid advancements in mobility management technology and an increasing focus on employee experience (EX). Forward-thinking teams and mobility consultants are turning to new technology to achieve cost efficiencies and deliver a better and safer mobility journey. 

Why are Global Mobility Software Important? 

In short, global mobility refers to the ability of a workforce to seamlessly move from one destination to another. Ideally, the move should be successful for both the company’s return on investment and the personal well-being of the employees. That said, global mobility is a large industry with complex supply chains, stringent duty of care policies, and international exposure. Better technology means less admin work as well as cost efficiencies and transparency for employers. It streamlines the global mobility process and helps to automate the duty of care compliant solutions. Conveniently, it has also proven to enable lump-sum relocation formulas – which allows employees to enjoy a more customised and positive EX when moving abroad. 

A positive talent mobility experience means that employees can focus on fulfilling their overseas business assignment and, simultaneously, it means a better ROI for employers.

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Let’s look at the most innovative technology providers changing global mobility by managing corporate travel

Global Mobility Software Solutions to Manage Day-to-Day Work

1. Topia

Topia has built a global mobility management suite that guides Fortune 1000 companies, HR teams, and employees through their moves. The software automates the complete global talent mobility process, including scenario-based planning, compliance risk management, ex-pat payroll, case management, and reporting.

Mission: To deploy and manage talent everywhere within the Global Talent Mobility Platform.

2. Benivo

Benivo is a company that provides concrete destination services using supportive software. Their award-winning application delivers an exceptional employee experience while remaining flexible to the preferences of HR management. Key features include time-saving tools such as streamlined data entry, live feedback and analytics, and quick Core-Flex policy insights. Benivo is a popular solution with junior employees of Fortune 1000 companies, as well as for corporate intern programs.

Mission: To help employees and HR teams save time while surfacing new opportunities and reducing costs. At the same time, they aim to improve employee experience with the use of better technology.

3. Equus

This global mobility management tool supports an organisation’s strategic growth initiatives and connects their global mobility ecosystems. A great stand-out feature is the software’s ability to allow employees to mix and match their preferred services. This allows one to customise their moving experience while remaining within budget.

Mission: To make life easier for your international workforce. 

4. Fuel50

Fuel50 is one of the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platforms. Their innovative product empowers employees, enables leaders, and helps to create an all-round talent experience. Companies using Fuel50 AI see measurable results. Attrition has been reduced by up to 50% in over 60 companies and engagement uplifts are in the realm of 3-30% within every company that’s deployed this technology.

Mission: Fuel50’s mission is to help companies mobilize talent and deliver AI-driven career path transparency to employees. 

5. Mercer

Mercer has developed an unprecedented solution to simplify the management of global assignments. They provide HR and global mobility teams with multiple advanced tools that can improve the relocation process. These tools include data solutions, program management, cultural training, and much more.

Mission: The company’s mission is to prioritise experience while simplifying workflows, lowering costs, and mitigating risks. 

6. Urbanbound

Urbanbound services mobility managers and HR teams by offering software that features budgeting tools, educational content, and unlimited access to a designated relocation consultant. Employees can easily plan and manage key decisions regarding their move without feeling overwhelmed.

Mission: To bring people together by helping innovative companies recruit and retain talent. 

Duty of Care: Enhancing Mobility Tracking and Emergency Communication

7. Riskline

Riskline’s Risk Levels™ software assesses risk to continuously update those who are on the move or are considering moving. For breaking incidents, alert messages are sent within minutes with a constant flow of updates. This makes the application ideal for organizations that want to pay particular attention to the importance of duty of care.

Mission: Riskline is dedicated to travel security. It’s their mission to monitor political events, crises, security developments, and travel news – and then update their users.

8. Anvil Group

The world is increasingly unpredictable, creating more insecurity for anyone doing business internationally. But, with Anvil Group’s Riskmatics® platform, movement teams can have peace of mind. The technology has been designed to detect threats and can streamline emergency security operations – helping organizations to make the duty of care a priority. 

Mission: Anvil delivers advanced business resilience solutions, giving actionable insight to ensure operations can survive and thrive in an uncertain world.

9. SOS International

SOS International provides medical & security services through assessments (1) assistance, (2) advice, and (3) assistance. SOS International developed a real-time tracker tool to keep HR and Global Mobility teams informed about the latest medical or security development at their location/destination via email alerts. Besides sending real-time information to the HR team, the tracker also automatically sends out the latest proprietary medical, security information, and advice so assignees can anticipate problems, look after their safety, and minimise disruption to their work.

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Improving the Assignee Experience through Technology-Powered Temporary Housing

10. AltoVita

AltoVita excels at providing a collaborative business-to-enterprise solution for duty of care-compliant properties across 35.000 locations.

AltoVita’s award-winning corporate housing platform provides a cloud-based bridge between the highly fragmented property distribution system and multinational Global 2000 companies, reducing the legacy 48-to-72-hour bidding process down to a few minutes. The fully customizable product provides instant access to live options with filter controls to fit every traveller’s unique needs, while remaining compliant to corporate policies. A network of 7 million+ verified and vetted properties are all duty of care compliant, backed by a three-tier quality control process.

Mission: To offer employees a faster and better temporary housing solution, while maintaining their lifestyle.

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11. Klevio

Klevio provides a “Smart Door” Entry System, enabling transferees to access properties easily and removes the hassle of key management. Giving access to the property via Smartphone app & dashboard, instead of a physical key, enables guests to check-in anytime during the day and be in line with social distancing rules.

Moving Made Simple

12.  Shyft

Shyft’s employee-focused software has a one-step initiation process that allows access to everything from pet shipment services to employee spend insights. All you need to do is download the company’s app, where you can then chat with a “move coach” who guides you through the relocation process.

Mission: To make the moving process as simple as an app download. 

13.  IMove, by Sirva

iMove by Sirva is just one of the company’s digital tools. The technology focuses on self-service relocation and serves lump sum populations. The software has been specifically designed for relocation management teams to estimate, initiate, manage, and report on every aspect of a move.

Mission: Sirva’s mission is to earn customers’ trust by caring for their relocation and moving experiences.

Expense Management

14.  SAP Concur

The goal of SAP Concur is to improve travel and expense management using hassle-free technology that’s accurate and reliable. The innovative software helps companies to improve productivity, compliance, and control overspend using an invoicing module that’s automated and easily integrated into other systems.

Mission: The company is dedicated to revolutionizing travel, expense, and invoice management by applying tools that simplify daily processes – whilst creating better experiences.

15.  RYDOO

Rydoo’s software package includes one single app, with two modules covering the entire travel and expense journey: before, during, and after each business trip. You can book trips and manage expenses all in one go – leaving no room for error.

Mission: Rydoo’s mission is to eliminate difficult and frustrating processes for companies across the globe.

16. MoveAssist

MoveAssist takes a different approach to global mobility technology by focusing on their user experience and creating applications that are smart, simple to use, and extremely secure. They are also the only company providing technology for all aspects of global mobility.

Mission: MoveAssist’s mission is to develop and implement high-quality software products and to provide exceptional service and support to our clients.

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Discover the top global mobility destinations around the world 

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