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Streamline Relocation & Business Travel Costs with AltoVita

As companies expand and evolve, they must learn to efficiently handle corporate travel management, relocation management, and expense management. These are the unseen challenges that stand between a thriving business and its international growth — one that leaders often overlook or do not expect.

The traditional approach of partnering with travel management companies (TMCs) and relocation management companies — and travel agents and travel buyers before those — has been the go-to solution for decades. However, this outdated strategy has a hefty price tag, complex processes, and limited options. The clunky booking process, a lack of visibility and data, and inefficient operations on the front and back end led many employees to go rogue, opting for consumer mobile apps booked on personal cards and submitted after the fact, making control near impossible.

Enter AltoVita: a tech-forward, easy-to-use platform that offers direct end-to-end relationships with corporations and access to forecasting support, direct market intel, data analytics, live rates, policy compliance, duty of care, and an improved customer experience — all of which lead to cost savings.

AltoVita's approach to corporate housing is unique. It was built to disrupt legacy practices and bring forward a technology-first solution previously unseen in the corporate housing and travel industry. The platform's founders, Vivi Cahyadi Himmel and Karolina Saviova, recognized the need for a modern booking platform with live inventory and an embedded data analytics tool that streamlined processes.

Through its proprietary technology, AltoVita’s business-to-enterprise solution provides cloud-based automation to streamline the corporate accommodation booking process rather than relying on manual email and PDF processes — resulting in an 82 percent process cost efficiency. A recent AltoVita case study of 152 group moves for a Fortune 500 company revealed an additional 26.5 percent cost efficiency from purchasing power consolidation.

Here, we’ll share five ways corporations save on costs with AltoVita:

Effective Supply Chain Management

One of the main cost-saving benefits of AltoVita is its expansive inventory, which includes professionalized private apartments, homes, villas, corporate housing, multifamily and built-to-rent properties, co-living and student housing, and hotels and apart-hotels.

By offering a broad range of options and information-rich property listings, AltoVita can provide the lowest pricing rate and effective supply chain management, ultimately saving corporations money. It is common for changes and cancellations to occur in corporate travel, so AltoVita provides an updated inventory selection and live rates for managers.

Streamlined processes with Fully Immersive API Connectivity

Another way AltoVita saves corporations costs is by providing fully immersive API (which stands for Application Programming Interface) connectivity, customisable policy-compliant enterprise software, and real-time booking and reporting, streamlining processes and making them more efficient.

Real-time Analytics

AltoVita makes the internal stakeholder more efficient, allowing them to focus on larger, more strategic initiatives that save the company time and money. 

AltoVita makes the internal stakeholder more efficient, allowing them to focus on larger, more strategic initiatives that save the company time and money. AltoVita’s Live Stats Reporting Dashboard provides all critical real-time data in one place, making it easy to find, search, and leverage the information. The data points include the number of requests, bookings, total spend, length of stay, and average daily rate.

AltoVita gives travel managers and relocation managers access to quarterly performance review sessions and optimization plus historical performance metrics to make smarter decisions. AltoVita also provides data on business travel spend leakage, reporting that TMCs do not traditionally provide that.

Consumer-like UX

The consumer-like booking tool provides employees and managers a UX on par with on-demand apps. This is critical in onboarding employees and ensuring they follow the guidelines of your travel program, honor limits in business travel spend, and responsibly use corporate credit cards. AltoVita provides detailed search and curation in which employees can filter by a number of nuanced factors, including commuting time, pet-friendly accommodations, and more, for the best global business travel experience possible.

Duty of Care

In addition to cost savings, AltoVita prioritizes duty of careand provides updates on the latest news to ensure that corporations can consider the travel risk of sending their employees to a certain destination. AltoVita helps travel managers build a robust corporate travel risk management to make informed decisions that can save the corporation thousands spent should they need to quickly remove employees from an unsafe situation.


AltoVita is committed to sustainability. The data-driven, actionable data hospitality partners provide ensures that AltoVita’s accommodations follow practices beyond greenwashing. This also results in higher-quality data for companies tracking their emission output.

Using sustainability and certification filters on the AltoVita platform, users can find housing that aligns with their sustainability values and goals. Users can also walk through any property in 15 minutes on a smart device, providing peace of mind that sustainability initiatives – such as energy, water, and waste management – are in place through dedicated sustainability content.

Better Employee Experience

The platform also offers a hotel-like booking experience, making it easy and convenient for employees to book and manage their accommodations.

While the business world found a way to work online during the pandemic, it’s been proven that nothing replaces the power of in-person connections when building partnerships and making sales. Empowering employees to take business trips gives them the opportunity to meet colleagues and clients face-to-face, which results in better relationships and a more successful business. 

Outside of the quantifiable reasons to get employees on the road are the more nuanced benefits of travel experiences. Employees can engage in bleisure opportunities, explore a new city, and represent their company, which results in higher job satisfaction and career well-being.

Overall, AltoVita's modern corporate housing solution offers a range of benefits for corporations looking to save costs on relocation and business travel. 

By providing a direct relationship with corporations, access to real-time data and analytics, and a broad inventory of properties, AltoVita can help businesses streamline their processes and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to cost savings and an improved customer experience. And with more than 1 million housing options across 165 countries, from New York to Melbourne, AltoVita is just getting started.

Sign up for our next webinar or schedule a demo to learn how AltoVita can assist your company with business travel and relocation management.

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