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World Environment Day: Plastics In Focus

Did you know June 5 marks World Environment Day?

This global platform for raising awareness on environmental issues has been going since 1973, and it aims to encourage action.

Each year has a theme. For 2023, it’s plastic pollution. So where’s the link with hospitality? Plastics are omnipresent in hotels, from cups, straws and coffee lids to shampoo bottles, amenity kits and wrapped chocolates. 

As you can imagine, the vast accommodation sector has varying levels of success when it comes to sustainability, of which the use of plastic is an element.

One of AltoVita’s functions as a corporate accommodation booking platform is to highlight the efforts being made by hospitality operators, and we do that through our sophisticated filters.

By spotlighting the sustainability initiatives and certifications of the housing options on our platform, we are providing users with the information they need to confidently and quickly find corporate housing that aligns with their own sustainability values and goals.

It's no surprise either that our summit in London on June 8 includes the word "sustainable".

It’s a small step, but collectively alongside all of the non-governmental organisations, businesses and government entities that mark World Environment Day, we hope we can amplify the message among our customers and play a role in the outreach.

You can watch the official video below. #BeatPlasticPollution


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