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HoCoSo CONNECT: Winning in the New Reality with Hospitality User Tech

On May 12, AltoVita CEO & co-founder Vivi Himmel joined the HoCoSo CONNECT five-programme series for a discussion around how a resilient tech-enabled user experience determines a company’s chance of success in the new reality post-pandemic.

Hosting the roundtable discussion was HoCoSo’s Sean Worker, Managing Director Technology, Adaption, and Innovation Services. They were joined by Chinmai Sharma, President of the Americas for RateGain; Pete Gibson, founder of Datlytics; and Aaron Turner, CEO at Heads of Commerce.

These industry leaders discussed:

  • Potential future trends
  • Convincing company heads to make the leap
  • Consumer-centric experiences
  • A major change in data collection
  • Maintaining and growing a loyal following

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Key Takeaways

Vivi Himmel: Play on the customization strategy to really know your clients and use every opportunity to show it while creating proposed solutions that really speak to them.

Pete Gisbon: Always try playing with new ideas and concepts in a low-risk situation to see if you can get some type of a business improvement out of it.

Chinmai Sharma: Try to invest in product tech and data science and focus on the customer, as all these will really make a big difference.

Aaron Turner: Don’t look for a silver bullet and don’t look for a magic solution. Take the data and make some educated decisions. It’s OK to be wrong. Also, take care of your people, because they’re the ones making it happen for your company.

Sean Worker: Be User Experience-centric. Your Client, Employee, Supplier and Investor power your business. This User circle is the Flywheel that will propel your Business to maintain and expand your success.

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