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Our blog section provides our readers with a wide range of topics from Global Mobility and Business Travel news and trends, to our employee spotlight series. Get to know what drives AltoVita and the trends that are shaping our Corporate Accommodation Platform.

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Business Travel
7th of September 2021
"How employers can adapt to business travel turbulence" X Thrive
Business Travel
14th of April 2021
Top 10 Latin America Cities for Working Nomads
Business Travel
8th of April 2021
Work from Anywhere: Is the WFA Model Sustainable?
Business Travel
24th of February 2021
The Texas Relocation Wave
Business Travel
23rd of February 2021
Sustainable & Smart Home Technology
Business Travel
5th of January 2021
Companies with Great Relocation Assistance and Packages 2021
Business Travel
21st of September 2020
Relocating in the ‘New Normal’
Business Travel
2nd of August 2020
Relocation to Emerging and New Markets: Opportunities & Challenges
Business Travel
19th of July 2020
What Does Hong Kong’s New Security Law Mean for Global Mobility?
Business Travel
31st of May 2020
Impact of Brexit on Banks, Fintech and Financial Sector in General
Business Travel
29th of March 2020
Support to Health Workers in Time of COVID-19