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Our blog section provides our readers with a wide range of topics from Global Mobility and Business Travel news and trends, to our employee spotlight series. Get to know what drives AltoVita and the trends that are shaping our Corporate Accommodation Platform.

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Business Travel
25th of March 2020
The future of corporate travel amid travel restrictions
Business Travel
28th of February 2020
What to Consider when Offered a Relocation Package
Business Travel
16th of December 2019
Fly direct to Gstaad!
Business Travel
5th of December 2019
Planning a Girls Trip with Friends
Business Travel
18th of November 2019
How To Enjoy Stress-Free Travels with Family
Business Travel
6th of November 2019
Importance of Guest Services
Business Travel
16th of October 2019
Travel Logistics Made Easier
Business Travel
18th of September 2019
Staying Healthy while Staying in London
Business Travel
9th of September 2019
Luxury Accommodation in London That Adapts To Your Stay
Business Travel
15th of August 2019
Stockholm – Combining Bustling City Life with a World of Wellness
Business Travel
12th of March 2019
How to Keep your Expenses Down on a Business Trip