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Heading away? Find the right team to take care of your property

Being a great host is a full-time job and comes with a lot of responsibility. From personal meet and greets to helping guests check out and the cleaning of your property after they’ve left, it can be a logistical hustle. That doesn’t even take into account dealing with maintenance issues and the time spent communicating with prospective guests that short term rental providers need to put in during the lead up to bookings. If you want to keep your calendar full and are striving to increase your occupancy rates, then there’s little opportunity to slack off or let standards slide.

But even “Superhosts” are entitled to a holiday every once in a while. It’s an opportunity to take a break and maybe even get a little inspiration as to what other Airbnb hosts and short term rental home-owners are doing with their space. But for many hosts, they’re worried about passing their duty of care onto a complete stranger or even a well-known family member at the risk of guest satisfaction reducing (and poor reviews).

So how can you escape the everyday hustle of hosting without losing guests, getting poor reviews or having your occupancy rate drop? There are plenty of property management and cleaning companies who specialise in full-service management and weekly cleaning of furnished apartments, as well as providing security and safety to give you peace of mind (and privacy) when you’re away.

To help you plan, we’ve come up with some of the top property management and cleaning companies that are dedicated to short-term and holiday rentals in the UK.

Get Set Clean

Get Set Clean can handle all aspects of cleaning in your furnished apartments or midterm rentals, ensuring the highest standards for your guests in each and every room.

Pass The Keys

Pass The Keys is a professional property management company that can handle everything from guest communication to cleaning and key management when you’re away, helping to maximise their short-term rental income without any hassle.

Guest Ready

Guest Ready is another property management company that will list your property with professional photographs, communicate with guests, offer a personalised check-in service and clean for you after your guests have left.

Air Sorted

Air Sorted handles everything you’d expect of a short-term property rental company, as well as dealing with any property maintenance issues and replenishing your home if needed.

Host Maker

Host Maker is another trusted property management company that handles all of the above, as well as an interior design service if you want to elevate your space.

Bed Spoke

Bed Spoke will optimise listings to promote your property and maximise bookings, as well as ensure that it’s checked and professionally cleaned at guest turn-around. Their packages include full management options and individually tailored services.

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