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Our blog section provides our readers with a wide range of topics from Global Mobility and Business Travel news and trends, to our employee spotlight series. Get to know what drives AltoVita and the trends that are shaping our Corporate Accommodation Platform.

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Product Updates
14th of November 2023
Travel Safe: Elevating Corporate Stays with International SOS Integration
Product Updates
10th of November 2023
Seamless & Secure: Enhancing User Access with SSO Integration
Product Updates
2nd of November 2023
Introducing the All-New Shortlist Optimisation Feature: Swift, Smart, and Seamless
Product Updates
1st of September 2023
Redefining Corporate Accommodation Management Efficiency with AltoMate
Product Updates
25th of August 2023
Solving Corporate Accommodation Challenges with AltoVita's Self Serve Flow
Product Updates
17th of August 2023
The 5 Leaf System: Revolutionising Hospitality Sustainability Reporting
Product Updates
10th of August 2023
Seamless Accommodation Management: AltoVita's Curated (Fully Managed) Flow
Product Updates
1st of August 2023
AltoVita ramps up Corporate Accommodation Inventory with Automated Reviews of Supplier Listings
Product Updates
24th of July 2023
Simplify Housing Requests for Enhanced Global Mobility Workflows with i-RMS integration
Product Updates
13th of July 2023
AltoVita Expands Its Accommodation Network to 7 Million Units
Product Updates
6th of July 2023
Introducing Group Bookings - Manage Complex, Large-Scale Moves With Ease